Just Landed: New Epokhe Shades

SZEX, LOU and WIRE: three new styles by Epokhe.

SZEX is a wayfarer designed by Dion Agius; LOU is a chunky, 60s-style frame that would look good on Jarvis Cocker or you; and WIRE is a sleek and very, very badass silhouette that will make people look and say, ‘Who the fuck is that badass?’ Epokhe sunglasses are excellent quality and they look the shit. What else do you need to know? Get over to their website and check the new styles—and the new colors they’re doing in the MACHINA, KUPIT, CANDY, and DYLAN ZERO. www.epokhe.co

Lou modeled by James Adams’ nephew, Burt
These frames are called ‘WIRE’ and they can make you look as badass as this chick.
SZEX and drugs and rock and roll.

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