Watch FAIRY Now!

By Tim Grills: Surf-writer.

Jamie Krups has released his new surf flick, FAIRY, online because he’s a top-shelf, unmitigated power-ledge and you’re stuck at home.

‘Fairy has been in the works for 12 months now,’ Krups told a better surf-writer at Stab. ‘It’s a project we’ve been working on entirely for the love. Mostly it’s just myself and a bunch of Australian surfers you mightn’t have heard of, but we’ve got an American cameo in there for good measure.’ Krups then went on to say that FAIRY was ‘gnarlier than what we’ve got in terms of surfing—although Kalani and Samson do some pretty mind-blowing shit in it.’

FAIRY runs for 40-minutes and is in that little rectangle below that we got from the internet. The films features a long list of up and coming, mostly Australian surfers, including Kalani Ball, Letty Mortensen, Fraser Dovell, Samson Coulter, Seb Raubenheimer, Ben Penny, Noah Collins, Benjamin Howard, Kael Walsh, Jesus Monroe, Holly Wawn, and Harry Bryant. Click the arrow.

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