By Jemma Scott 

Frozen meat pies and Smith chips have almost taken over the popularity of toilet paper… almost.

The multinational corporation Costco opened its doors in Perth today, to over 20,000 hangry hoarders. The vibe was, thankfully, quite mellow. With lines starting to form around the 14,000 square metre warehouse at 2 am, you could imagine the morning sun before it arrived, shining its light onto this great beacon of hope: Costco, the holy grail of toilet paper supplies. I arrived at 10 am and thought I’d missed all the excitement. However, there was still a line wrapped around the building, trolleys at the ready, membership cards waiting to be swiped, and all respectful behaviour in preparation for the apocalypse.
On a serious note, there are some families that live pay check to pay check, day-to-day. When you’re just trying to get by, bulk buying isn’t even an option. So be kind, be gentle, and remember to look after your local community and small business owners. We’re all in this together!


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