A Class Had Their Graduation Ceremony on Minecraft

Japan has been one of the hardest-hit countries in the coronavirus outbreak.

The government has been heavily criticised for not acting fast enough to shut the country down (sounds familiar) when 696 cases of coronavirus were first reported on the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked off Yokohama, but thing’s for sure: the country is well and truly on lockdown now.

With schools and universities shut, Japanese elementary students moving onto high school in the coming months have all missed their chance for a graduation ceremony… until now. A bunch of Japanese classmates decided that they weren’t going to give such a momentous life occasion a miss, and instead created their own graduation ceremony on Minecraft, that sandbox video game your little cousins won’t shut up about.

In what is the most wholesome news to come out of this hot mess since videos surfaced of the Italian people singing to each other from their balconies, the group of kids created a purpose-built graduation hall, with a stage to accept their awards, MC, and speeches (even doing the customary bow as they went up to accept their diploma).

Watch the video in full here, and remember: if a group of elementary school kids can build an entire graduation ceremony just to hang out, you can get off your isolated ass and finally learn how to make a beef bourguignon, mend a seam in your pants, or call your mum.

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