Dead Kooks x Globe is Wearable Art

Eden Saul’s eye-catching resin tints and paints have made him one of Australia’s most well-known shapers.

Looking more like a piece of hangable art than your average surfboard, Saul’s Dead Kooks designs provided the basis for his new collaboration with Globe. Pulling inspiration from both 70’s psych acid and 80’s hyper colour, the tightly-curated collection features four skateboards, tees, a shirt, boardshorts and shoes he’s been ‘wearing the hell out of’.

Saul’s resin designs provided the focal point for the collection, which you’ll find splashed across a digital printed, 100% cotton tote, a rad little fibreglass throwback skateboard that’s perfect for any nostalgia diehards, a mid-cut slip-on, and more. We hung out with Eden recently to get a glimpse of his glassing skills in the flesh, check out the Dead Kooks x Globe collection, and knick some of it for ourselves.

Check it out in the video above, then head to to shop the full collection (couldn’t be a better time for their free shipping policy).

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