Rage Brought Chaos to Freda’s

Photos by Dougal Gorman

Last Friday night saw every bleach-blonde surf grommet and their dog come out of the woodwork…

…for RAGE 3. Starting their tour up in my wonderful home town of the Scumshine Coast (aka, Sunshine Coast), the Rage team have since been cruising down the east coast of Australia, premiering their latest film, RAGE 3, along the way. Filmed by the Tarantino of the surf world, Toby Cregan, RAGE 3 features the likes of Creed, Noa, Beau Foster, Shaun Manners, Ellis, Jaleesa, and Jake Vincent—resulting in a true bloodbath of surfing chaos.

Despite the lack of swell in the middle of the city, there was no shortage of yahoo surfers at Freda’s watching the premiere. On top of a skitz film, we were treated to hammering tunes by WASH and Bura Bura. From start to finish, RAGE 3 was all guns blazing. Every punt, air rev, barrel and flippy-trick-thing was followed by howling animal sounds and ‘yews’ aplenty. Everyone’s jaw was on the floor for the 25 minutes of the film.

A special mention to Tommy Crowe for the killer animation intro. Just when I thought the surfing was enough talent for one night, I realised the entire soundtrack of the film was all played by the Rage team themselves. Those talented fuckers! Check the Rage Instagram @ragetm for the next tour stops.

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