Talkin’ bout TEMPLES


Some bands have the balls to open an album with the best song on it. Temples are one such band. Their new album, Sun Structures, opens with ‘Shelter Song’, and it is SO good. Luckily, the rest of the record follows suit, keeping your attention well spanned and your ears spoiled rotten.

Temples are riding that vibrant wave of modern psychedelic sound that’s been crashing around, floating in outer space with contemporaries like Tame Impala, Woods and Foxygen. This is the music I like to listen to. This is the music that means something, that spins you out and puts you down but instead of wanting to throw up from the dizziness, you just close your eyes and feel like you are levitating. A loud round of applause for Temples for this killer release, and a sincere thanks to Adam Smith of the band for answering some queries I had. Tread lightly, people.

How many places have you lived in your life?

I’ve lived in two places in my life. One being Huddersfield (my place of study), the other being Kettering (my small home town). Huddersfield is a bigger, greyer, rainier, more northern version of Kettering. I’m living the high life.

What was your favorite?

I don’t know, I have fond memories of each.

Who was your idol when you were 10?

Gianfranco Zola was my idol, he was a great footballer. I had a poster of him and got it signed. It was a special day for a little ten year old nipper.

Are you any good at Pictionary?

I tend not to join in with Pictionary. I don’t particularly like the crayons and the way they feel on my fingers. If you invited me to play Pictionary without the crayons and with a marker pen instead I’m sure I’d give you a run for your money.

2 things you are ready for this year?

I am ready for coming over to Australia, I’ve always wanted to come. The spider thing terrifies me a bit though. I’m not ready for the spiders. I’m ready for snakes.

1 thing you’ll never be ready for?

The black-sailed unfamiliar.

When was the last time you danced?

I dance a lot when I’m on my own to try and make myself laugh, I’m dancing now.

When will be the next time?


Are you excited about music today?

Very much so, there are so many good bands, discovered and undiscovered. It is a great time to be playing at the moment. James and Tom are singing ‘Amazing Grace’ at the moment in the van and it sounds horrible, I am not excited about this.

You guys give me hope. What gives you hope?

Thank you! Hope is always a strange concept, I don’t really know. I think being a kind person is the most important thing in life. Music always makes things better. Tread lightly people.


Sun Structures is out now via Heavenly Recordings / [PIAS] Australia. Here’s another track to vibe to before you go get your own copy.

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