BREAKING: Equinor Pull out of the Bight!

Happy Tuesday—the Norwegian drilling company has officially pulled out of the Great Australian Bight!

In what must be the best news of the year so far, Equinor has announced that it will abandon its plans to drill, making them the fourth fossil fuel company to withdraw from the Bight in recent years.

‘It’s clear that drilling the Bight is not a sensible proposition,’ said Wilderness Society South Australian Director, Peter Owen, in response to the news. ‘Opening up a new high-risk frontier oil field when we are hurtling towards catastrophic climate change is madness. We are now calling on the Australian Government to listen to the people and permanently protect the unique waters of the Great Australian Bight from drilling for good.’

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Just got the news through that Equinor have pulled their plan for the Great Australian Bight and are currently kicking a can back to Norway. Best Tuesday news I’ve had in a long time. They’ll try and save face and say it was the economics and the oil price, but the real reason is what you see right here. For every single person who paddled out around the country, and for all you legends down there in the Bight who’ve been fighting this for years, take a moment to fully appreciate what you’ve done. By paddling out and speaking up and fighting this colossally stupid idea, you’ve kept the Bight wild and free and saved it for future generations. Couldn’t be more proud of you mob. Go have a beer. I just cracked one at 10.45am. #fightforthebight

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While Equinor has released a statement citing that their reasons for pulling out were due to the project being ’not commercially competitive’, it didn’t comment on the nationwide opposition to the proposed drilling that took form in mass paddle-outs, protests, and the Wilderness Society South Australia commencing legal proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia to challenge Equinor’s environmental approval.

A massive congratulations to every single person, organisation, brand, surfer, non-surfer, whoever, who got out there and made their voices heard in support of the Bight, and succeeded in keeping big oil’s filthy mitts out of our beautiful waters. WE WON!

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