Now They Got MAGA Pigeons in Vegas?

The knuckleheads that were gluing cowboy hats onto pigeons are at again.

And now it’s Make American Great Again hats. They’re gluing MAGA caps onto birds. What the fuck. As if glueing little hats to birds wasn’t already cruel, now they’re making them look like ignorant cousin-fuckers who are afraid of black people. Pretty lame. Lamer still, they’ve even glued a poxy little blonde wig to one poor bird so it looks like Trump. And they made the video below. Make no mistake, this is animal cruelty. Imagine having a fucking hat glued to your head. When they catch the dickheads doing this, they should glue their fucking pants on.

The non-profit Lofty Hopes has been keeping track of the hat glueing and urges anyone who sees a racist pigeon in a red hat to contact them so they can remove it and let the bird enjoy non-political, hat-free life.

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