Gonz Talks Big Feet, Small Feet and His Latest Shoe

Do you want to read a long-winded interview about a new shoe?

Or would you prefer to read a short interview about a new shoe and also feet? Mark Gonzales and adidas Skateboarding have released the third colourway of their Aloha Super, the shoe inspired by Gonz’s performance at Städtisches Museum, Germany in 1998. The Aloha Super pays homage to Mark’s 2018 recreation of that historic, avant-garde event, mirroring the tones of the fencing suit worn by Gonz.

‘The colours for my 2018 performance suit,’ says Mark, ‘were intended to be the opposite of those worn during my original show in Germany, so all black. When we dyed the fencing uniform, it turned into a muted kind of grey that ended up looking really cool.’

the adiStar-inspired and fully skateable Aloha Super receives a signature colour palette, embroidered details and Shmoofoil logo.

How big are your feet?

Size US 9.5.

Who had the biggest feet you ever saw?

I met the tallest man in the UK in the 1980s, Chris Greener. His feet were the biggest I’ve seen.

Who has the smallest feet in skateboarding?

Lee Ralph.

When a new signature shoe comes out, are you excited, or is it like, ‘Huh. Another shoe I guess?’

Of course, I’m excited. If I wasn’t excited I doubt I’d be coming out with anything new.

How involved were you in the production of the new shoe?

This new black Aloha I directly, 100% was involved with because adidas mimicked my performance fencing suit from 2018.

What do you think of first when designing a shoe: fashion or function?

For me, fashion. I think being a skateboarder, it should be the other way around though.

What’s something people might be surprised to know about you and your shoes?

This one was originally a fencing shoe.

If you could only wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Gravati Italian loafers.

Have you ever suffered from athlete’s foot, and if so how did you get rid of it?

Yes, I think I used Dr Scholls or some kind of medicine.

Who are five people that you think should have their own signature shoe?

Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, Buddha, John Lennon, Joseph Stalin.

Score a pair of the new Aloha Supers at adidas.com/skateboarding or at select skate retailers worldwide, including Fast Times and U.P.S in Australia. 

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