Thomas Campbell’s ‘Ye Olde Destruction’ is Screening at Pass~Port Tonight

What are you doing tonight?

We’ll tell you what you’re doing—you’re going to arrive at 16 Oxford Square, Darlinghurst at 6 pm sharp, and pick a cold drink up as you walk through the doors of Pass~Port’s Sydney store. Then you’re going to catch up with the homies, shoot the shit, check out the delightful interior that Pass~Port’s put together and then, you’re going to shut your mouth.

You’re going to do that because Thomas Campbell’s skate odyssey, Ye Olde Destruction is going to start screening, and Sydney band Misty Lanes are live scoring the entire thing, from start to finish. And you’re going to enjoy it so much, you’ll want to know more about the making of the film, so you’ll head to Monster Children‘s online store to pick up a copy of Issue 60 (the Dane Reynold’s Guest Editor Issue), where we had an in-depth chat with Thomas himself as he was hard at work on Ye Olde Destruction.

Catch you tonight at Pass~Port!

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