Gogy Esparza and Shawn Powers Unite for a New Show

Gogy Esparza and Shawn Powers were meant for one another.

When working together as a duo, they both bring out the best in one another. Case in point: their new show and fourth artistic collaboration coming to 98 Orchard, 777 MEANT TO BE. A homage to the New York streetscape, their paintings, assemblage and sculptures tear at the identity of the city.

The title of the show hints at the fortune of the two artists finding each other again; either by coincidence or fate. Despite a few turbulent years of friendship and misfortune, Shawn and Gogy are back, and in a big way.

777 MEANT TO BE is presented by HARDBODY, the independent, New York City skateboarding collective and brand, founded by Emilio Cuilan. Don’t miss the show’s opening night this Thursday, the 13th of February, click here to RSVP.

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