Winners: Aus Big Wave Awards

Surfing Life’s Oakley Big Wave Awards event at the Manly Wharf Bar last week announced the 3 Australian winners.

BIGGEST PADDLE: Jeff ‘Camel’ Goulden won again this year, taking the 5k check.

After surfing for seven hours the day before, my Biggest Paddle wave was actually the second wave I caught, very early the next morning. I was still half asleep and I hadn’t really noticed how much the surf had grown in size until this wave was bearing down on me. Often just getting out of the water alive and in one piece is enough to make you give a hoot so I’m very thankful to be recognised with this award. – Goulden

Photos by Andrew Brooks

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BIGGEST SLAB: Former biggest wave winner, Laurie Towner from NSW.

I love big, heavy waves. They provide me with a huge challenge and an even bigger rush. Tasmania’s Shipstern Bluff is far from my comfort zone, but the thrill of pulling in to waves of that magnitude helps to overcome the fear. I’m thrilled to score the most prestigious Slab award. – Towner

Photos by Andrew Chisholm

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BIGGEST WAVE: Tasmanian Tyler Hollmer-Cross took the 20k after beating out his brother James.

Our crew includes an amazing bunch of chargers and photographers that all hang out as mates. Everyone is so supportive and we feed off each other’s positive energy and drive. I’m super stoked to receive this award and can’t wait to get home and celebrate with the crew in Tassie. – Hollmer Cross  

Photos by Stuart Gibson

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