Louie Lopez Shoe Anniversary NYC

Photos by Andrew Peters and Rob Collins

It’s been a year since Converse announced Louie Lopez’s first pro shoe (and surprised him with a personalized old-school whip).

If you can remember back that far, that event was attended by the angriest fire Marshall in LA county; a red-faced man who didn’t recognize or understand the joy of celebrating this most deserving of skateboarders, and he shut the whole thing down with his big, red face.

With that in mind, Cons didn’t take any chances and set up the anniversary celebration as far away from the LAFD as possible: New York City. There they set up an indoor skatepark (that I’m sure you’ll see more of in the coming winter months) and invited their team to celebrate Louie’s anniversary and resume the session that got cut short last year.

Louie has grown up in the spotlight of world-class skateboarding, having being introduced as a midget prodigy before he hit double digits. Being a child star is fraught with dangers, but Louie never fell victim to the temptations attracted by his talents. He’s modest, humble and extremely talented; and, at the young age of 25, shows no sign of slowing up with his skateboarding and career at Converse. Congratulations Louie, you deserve it all. Here’s to many more anniversaries for shoes with your name on them. Check the event pics below.

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