SPACE 198: Vans’ NYC Indoor Skatepark

The New York skate scene has just welcomed its newest INDOOR skatepark—and it’s free!

Located at 198 Randolph Street, Brooklyn, Space 198 is the best use of an indoor area I’ve ever seen. During my recent weekend in New York, all I heard was ‘have you skated the new Vans park—it’s the best park in New York now.’ Of course, I had to check it out. Pro skateboarders Rowan Zorilla, Andrew Reynolds and Beatrice Domond were there to show us how it’s done on our media session, accompanied by Thrasher’s very own Louie Elliot and his new pink hairdo. Space 198 even offers ‘grom’ sessions (ages 6-12) on the weekends from 12-2 pm. I caught one of these, and the level of skill and courage those mini-dudes possessed was baffling. With this kind of support and enthusiasm being injected into the New York skateboard community, you can only imagine how much progression we are going to see in the years to come.

Initiatives like Space 198 define what Vans is all about. They’re always finding brilliant ways to give back to the community that they’ve grown with. There’s nothing for sale at the space; it is purely there to nurture New York skateboarding and offers a place to keep your legs warm when the city freezes over. It’s not all about winter though, the space is open through summer, for when you get sick of pushing fifty blocks between spots and just want it all in one location.

At Space 198 is open Wednesday through Sunday and operates in three different sessions a day. Sign up for your preferred session HERE.

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