Lock The Car, Brady

Daniel Wheatley is the tallest dude I know.

Straight up, he’s like 6,9” or something absolutely outrageous. Maybe he’s even the tallest skate filmer ever? Think about how much further he has to bend down to get a low fisheye angle. That’s commitment. I think he’s definitely the tallest employee Palace Skateboards has welcomed into the family, and he’s managing the LA store in between creative ventures, too, getting shit down from the high shelves.
Palace sent their team out to skate in LA which, as Daniel know’s best, means ‘driving around and looking at spots.’ But he managed to make this little edit, and it’s stacked with appearances from all your favourite poms. Enjoy.

Lanky Wheatley making the video you just watched.
Danny Brady, FS Hurricane.
Englishman Rory Milanes catching a sunburn in LA.

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