Romello Pereira

100 Photographers, One Exhibition

Pulling together work from 100 photographers for a single exhibition sounds like a logistical nightmare.

But luckily for us, SUNSTUDIOS and show curator Rachel Knepfer have done the hard yards, so all we have to do is turn up and enjoy the show. And enjoy it, we will—the ten year anniversary show of This Time It’s Personal will feature the personal work of some of the best image-makers in the game, including Hugh Stewart, Ingvar Kenne, Pierre Toussaint, Anna Pogossova, Krystle Wright, Mark Clinton, Max Doyle, Georges Antoni, Simon Upton, Sylve Colless, Vicki Lee and Ted O’Donnell, Tim Swallow, and more.

Hugh Stewart

While many of the exhibiting photographers have forged successful professional careers, This Time It’s Personal asks them to throw commercial viability out the window, and show off the images that they shoot for love alone. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the worlds of photographers that you know and love, but one of the best parts of the show is that every dollar raised from photo sales on the night will be donated to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in support of cancer research and treatment.

This Time It’s Personal opens Thursday 28 November at SUNSTUDIOS Sydney Atrium Gallery and runs until December 15. RSVP to the opening night here.

Michele Aboud

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