10 Things To Love About 2020

2020. One could say it’s been A Series Of Unfortunate Events.

Sorry, I know this isn’t the time to compare the world to a 2004 Jim Carrey movie. It’s important to be ‘woke’ and aware of what’s going on, but it’s also important to not let yourself become overly disturbed by the situation. Some things are force majeure, and it’s good to try and focus on the things you can actually control, like your perspective! Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change—and all that good stuff! So let’s hone in on some of the nicer things this year has brought forth and sit by the fire and sing ‘Kumbaya’.

Personal Hygiene
I once saw a grown man blatantly sneeze all over a fresh batch of avocados without the slightest attempt of spray recovery and no clean up on aisle 3. Try that now and you’ll get pinned down by police and smacked over the head by an old lady for endangering her life.

House Parties
They’re back! When the pub doors closed, the house doors opened, and what a beautiful renaissance it has been. And by house parties, I, of course, mean friendly gatherings with no more than 20 people, all of whom undertaking strict social distancing rules and regulations laid out by the state government. Nothing to worry about here, Gladys.

Backyard Wanderlust
No more international travel initially felt like no more travel. But it doesn’t mean that at all. It just means you can’t sip on Aperols in Italy anymore. Know what you can do though? Make a mixtape, pack the car and hit the open road. Get all 90’s on this shit. Nostalgia awaits.

Self-Imposed Creativity
The greatest ideas tend to only come about as solutions for restrictions. Sad you can’t go see that jazz band? Learn the piano. Miss your cousin in country X that you can’t go to? Facetime! Sure, they’re not the same, but to quote philosopher Chance The Rapper ‘It’s All We Got’.

Global Awareness
I’m no political savant or positive psychology preacher, but I do feel that previous to 2020 global issues were quite compartmentalized. War in Afghanistan? Not my problem. Climate change? That won’t affect me while I’m still here. A global pandemic is about as pressing and real as it gets, and the only way we’re getting through this is together. The clouds are clearing and the sun shines of unity!

Social (Justice) Media
Social media still sucks, but 2020 showed that it can also do some good. The viral video of the George Floyd incident sparked immediate international outrage and the BLM protests have snowballed ever since. Regardless of your political standpoint, ignoring abuses of power does no one any good, and social media has made it hard to do just that.

Supporting Small Business
The negative financial impacts of Covid-19 have resulted in positive impacts on consumer choice. Whether it be deciding to wait and shop at a farmers market on the weekend or pay $15 extra for that t-shirt from a local retail store, where your money goes has a profound impact, and people are realising it.

Hanging With Friends
A quaint activity that many would argue they did pre-2020, hanging with friends has a whole new meaning now. Hanging with friends is not just hanging with friends, it’s a nostalgic throwback to childhoods spent meeting up every weekend and figuring out what we can do this time. And it’s goddamn beautiful.

The Little Things
Deprive yourself of almost everything and suddenly even the smallest joy is a savoury injection of dopamine. Although the monthly global catastrophes are starting to get a bit excessive, a renewed sense of appreciation is definitely not a bad thing. Gotta enjoy the little things—rule number 32 on the Zombieland rulebook.

Fresh Start
2020 has been a big hard press on the restart button. Racial questioning, conscience implicating, political debating, and keyboard warrior activating! It’s been a whirlwind clusterfuck that’s twisted and contorted any previous concept of the word ‘normal’. And that’s a good thing: sometimes you need to wipe the slate clean and start again. We’re coming into 2021 armed with the gratitude of a stray dog and the hygiene standards of an ICU clinic.

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