10 Things I Hate with Mike Gigliotti

Mike Gigliotti is the owner of Lotties Skateshop at 4472 W. Adams Blvd in LA.

10 years ago, I (Crom) worked with Mike at a restaurant in New York. When he wasn’t drawing or flirting with the waitresses (or commandeering the stereo to play his goddamn ye-olde banjo music), Mike was calling bullshit on stuff. It was brilliant. I could always count on him to saunter over and say, ‘You know what I can’t fuckin’ stand?’ and then launch into a hilarious diatribe about emotional support Chihuahuas wearing Slayer t-shirts or something like that. There was always something, and when he quit, I missed his tirades like you might miss a leg (that’s a bit much, but I did miss listening to his shit).

Today, Andrew Peters unexpectedly sent through this video: Ten Things I Hate with Mike Gigliotti, and I’m happy to say Mike’s gift for detecting and calling out bullshit is still as sharp as ever.

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