10 Things I Hate with Cheryl Dunn

Of all the dangerous, crazy, touch-and-go type photography gigs you could specialize in, street photography must be the worst (second only to still life watch photography; massive suicide rate amongst those weirdos).

Cheryl Dunn is a household name in the street-snapper world, and she’s hated every second it took her to reach that level of renown. She’s pissed! But she doesn’t just hate street photography, oh no, she despises photography in general. We gave Cheryl some valium to calm her fury, and asked her, “Cheryl, why do you have so much hate inside you, boiling away like the blood and faeces that run in the River Styx? Tell us ten things that you hate. You might feel better!” And Cheryl said, “Oh! Oh! Motherfucker, I’ll give you eleven things I hate! AAAAGH!”

1. I hate that I don’t have more time to do it (’cause I love it).

2. I hate that NY streets are filled with tourists—hard to see the New Yorkers through the haze.

3. I hate phone apps that give you film looks—just go shoot some film.

4. I hate that big NY art galleries only show anti-photography photography.

5. I hate when people ask you what blog you shoot for.

6. I hate when you point a camera in someone’s direction and they change the awesome everything that caught your eye, and they pose.

7. I hate my lab bills.

8. I hate when I lose a roll of film. Rarely happens but when it does it’s like a mortal wound.

9. I hate when I bring too much equipment because I want everything I might need but then my shit is so heavy I can’t manage and just whip out a T2 or my Ricoh 21.

10. I hate that I lost a Ricoh 21 in the woods and a T2 the last night of Max Fish. If found please return!

11. I hate that you asked me to do this cause I’m not a hater, I love street photography!!

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