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10 Photographers You Should be Following on Instagram

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been one hell of a rollercoaster.

It just so happens to be that this rollercoaster has been travelling at 200km per hour with no brakes…and it’s on fire. Although there are far more important and pressing issues 2020 has uprooted, the creative industry has taken one big bitch slap from the ol’ Covid-19. Speaking from personal experience, this year creative folk around the world have been holding onto the same burning rollercoaster for their dear lives.

With everything that 2020 has thrown at us, it’s been extremely difficult to stay motivated and creating new work. But for those who haven’t shot many photos this year, don’t give up just yet. Dust off those hard drives of yours and start digging for the untouched gems you never knew you had. Sure 2020 is a write-off, but how are you meant to win the 2020 Monster Children Photo Comp without any photos, huh? I don’t care if it’s shot on your overpriced digital camera, film or your iPhone 4, put some pants on and go shoot some photos fool! Here are 10 photographers from around the world to get the creative cogs turning.


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A post shared by Pooneh Ghana (@poonehghana) on

Pooneh Ghana @poonehghana

Touring across the world with the likes of Cage The Elephant and IDLES, Pooneh’s imagery makes me miss live music more than ever. Although her live music shots are insane, it’s the quiet and intimate moments between shows that speak louder than any IDLES set.


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A post shared by JAMIE WDZIEKONSKI (@sub_lation) on

Jamie Wdziekonski @sub_lation

Jamie was one of the first music photographers that made me say, ‘Holy fuck.’ Based in Melbourne and possessing an eye for capturing the pure chaos of live music, Jamie’s black and white imagery shoves you straight into the middle of a sweaty mosh pit. On top of his music work, his ability to capture local protests is equally as powerful.


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A post shared by Dani Hansen (@dani__hansen) on

Dani Hansen @dani__hansen

By the looks of Dani’s Instagram, it seems as though she’s covered just about every music festival and venue Australia has to offer and shot just about every band/artist in existence. Seriously cool stuff.

Raphaela Rosella @raphaelarosella

Born in Nimbin, Australia, Raphaela Rosella received First Prize in the Portrait Singles Category at the 2015 World Press Photo Contest. Turning the lens on her closest friends, Raphaela’s work addresses entrenched poverty, racism, trans-generational trauma, violence, addiction, early motherhood, and the burden of low expectations. Through developing personal connections and working in a collaborative manner, Raphaela’s photography speaks for those who are generally spoken for.


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A post shared by @sarahpannell on

Sarah Pannell @sarahpannell

Sarah’s photos make me want to pack my bags and road trip in a stolen convertible for the rest of my life. Although international travel isn’t possible, this shouldn’t stop you exploring what your own country has to offer. Quit moping about the house and go explore.


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A post shared by Ben Karpinski (@karpinsk) on

Ben Karpinski @karpinsk

Shooting for the likes of Toy Machine, Deathwish and Baker, it’s no wonder Ben Karpinski’s photos are HEAVY.


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A post shared by Norma Ibarra (@lapir0) on

Norma Ibarra @lapir0

Ever heard of the Skate Witches? You better have! But if you haven’t, stop reading this poorly written article and search them up! Norma Ibarra is one of the many incredible women that make up the Skate Witches photography gang. There’s nothing better than skating with your homies, and Norma captures the feeling perfectly.


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A post shared by Andre D. Wagner (@photodre) on

Andre D. Wagner @photodre

Having worked for the likes of the New York Times and Time magazine, Andre’s street photography is powerful and timeless. Capturing the social landscape of Brooklyn and beyond, Andre’s imagery explores race, class, youth and the endless culture New York has to offer.


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A post shared by Ant Fox (@antfoxphoto) on

Ant Fox @antfoxphoto

Hailing from South Africa, Ant’s ability to capture curling tubes is second to none. I’ll be the first to admit I can’t surf for shit and Ant’s imagery makes me wish I could. Killer.


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A post shared by Adam Powell (@a_damp_owl) on

Adam Powell @a_damp_owl

Adam’s imagery is straight-up absurd. And I love it. Adam captures those ridiculous scenes and people you pass in the street that you’re too scared to take a photo of.

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