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10 Female Aussie Artists You Should Follow

If you’re reading this from anywhere but inside, go home, kid, you suck.

Staying indoors has never been more important. With laws allowing only two people to gather in a public space, this leaves no other option than to stay-the-fuck-at-home. Which is great, because, with all this extra spare time, people are coming up with things to do and share online.

So, instead of watching push-up challenges, how about you pick up some paints or pencils and go hell-for-leather on some paper? If you can’t paint, try collage, drawing, sculpting, sewing—anything. Put down your phone and get creative, suckers. Or, if you’re not feeling overly inspired, pick your phone up and check out these 10 Australian all-female Instagram accounts that are guaranteed to get you psyched. Worth mentioning: this an important time to support Australian artists, who currently have little to no freelance work. If you can, reach out and buy something so they keep on keepin’ on.


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Alice Glascott

Fun fact: Alice was one of the first people I met after moving to Sydney, and she’s a legend and seriously talented illustrator. Not only are people starting to get her drawings tattooed, but Alice is also using her art to spread powerful social messages on feminism and domestic violence awareness campaigns. Political art for the win.


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Annie Walter @annie_walter

Designing festival and tour posters for various artists like Courtney Barnett, The Hard Aches and even Slipknot, Annie’s work is punchy and hard to like. By the looks of her Instagram, she loves doggos and prides herself in her ability to draw them.


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Cassie Stevens @soggysavoy 

‘Bored, horny, and thinking about Warney’. That has gotta be one of the best Instagram bios I’ve seen. The reference to Warney really paints a picture of Cassie’s interest in Australian culture. With her account featuring colourful portraits of The Chats, The Delta Riggs, and Tony Abbott, it’s Australiana all round.


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Julia Vanderbyl @juliavanderbyl 

Not many (if any) of us can say our debut solo exhibition was held in Paris. But Julia Vanderbyl can. Inspired by the recent Australian bushfire season and climate crisis, Julia’s  Of The Anthropocene show was absolutely incredible. Peep the exhibition catalogue here.


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 Stella Leuna @stellaleuna

Witches, wizards and Satanic beings. Stellar Leuna’s comic-style work is badass and has been featured in Prada campaigns, Mambo remakes, Vans skateparks, and more. Oh, and she’s the bassist in a heavy metal band called Potion. Hell yeah.


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 Aretha Brown @_enterthedragon_

Aretha Brown is a Gumbaynggirr artist and activist. Ever since Aretha was elected the first-ever female Prime Minister of the National Indigenous Youth Parliament, she’s moved mountains to introduce Indigenous history into the Australian education system. Her art has been featured in the NGV, and she’s been steadily making a name for herself in both the political and art worlds. She’s truly inspiring.


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Caroline Walls @carolinewallsart

Despite the new lockdown laws, Woolloomooloo-based gallery Jerico Contemporary is showing no signs of slowing down. From April the 2nd, you will be able to view the gallery’s next show online. Pour yourself a champagne and enjoy Caroline Walls Resemblance from the comfort of your home. COVID-19 can’t stop art!


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Liz Lau @lizlaustudio

‘The designs are full of charm and yet have a meaningful agenda’. Prints, ceramics and jewellery all in one, Liz Lau Studio is your one-stop-shop. Some seriously cool shit.


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Elly Malone @ellymalone

It’s rad seeing people you use to go to school with killing the game. Elly has made a name for herself by transforming various influencers, musicians and celebrities into colourful masterpieces. She is also the brainchild behind Cactei, and uses her art as a voice for women’s rights.


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Jesse Chick @jesse.chick

I’ve been a fan of Jesse’s work since we met. It’s rad. Designing for a variety of companies, including Frankies Pizza Bar, Young Henrys and Capital Brewery, it’s pretty likely you have seen her work around the Sydney bar/pub scene. And if you haven’t, I guarantee you will once we’re allowed in pubs again… check one of her pieces out at The Oxford Tavern. It’s my fave.

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