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Posted by Erin - 16.10.2014


We featured Ryan Sheckler in issue 43 of the magazine, and made a short film of the shoot in NYC. Today, ESPN has released an extended edit of the film. Check it out here.

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Posted by Monster Children - 08.10.2014


Welcome to the viewing party for Arnette’s second episode of Anything But, featuring pro skater Mark Appleyard. Each episode profiles an Arnette team rider finding passion in anything but their known profession.

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Posted by Lucille - 01.10.2014

7 movies I’d never want my parents to know I was watching as a kid

Growing up there are a lot of things we hide from our parents, some of it worse than others. MC asked Sydney based photographer Gavriel Maynard known for his work with Cobra Snake and American Apparel to tell us the seven movies he’d never want his parents to know he was watching as a kid. Barb…

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Posted by Jam - 29.09.2014

CINEMA: Blind Guy

When was the last time you stopped a stranger in the street and smoked a joint with them? Evan and Kyle from Kansas film collective Brigade met a blind guy, sat down with him, lit one up and spoke about everything from his ‘casual safari lifestyle’ to his boat named the African Queen. I caught up with…

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Posted by Jam - 25.09.2014


The greek God Zeus and his lady Mnemosyne had nine daughters. I’ve met them, they were incredible – more graceful, more beautiful and more intelligent than any babe before them. The Muses, who were also known as the Water Nymphs, inspired the line between art and science. During the day they would go to the sacred springs of…

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Posted by Dale - 25.09.2014

WATCH: Ryan Callinan

We’re a sucker for a good, unbranded, just for the fuck of it, clip. Ryan’s support group of filmers Jack ‘Grom’ Taylor and Jay Grant have put together this clip of Ryan throwing himself around the East Coast of Australia.    

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Posted by Su Young Choi - 25.09.2014


Tobin Yelland talks to MC and shares his photos about the new documentary series he directed about four photographers who make their own DIY zines titled “Shoot Me Now”

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Posted by Dale - 23.09.2014


Wildfire is now live for all to see. The Coffin bro’s, Jay Davies and Yadin Nicol tear apart Indonesia like it’s no ones business. Ditch work for 19mins and get at it.

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Posted by Jam - 19.09.2014


Sweat-soaked sheets. Haunting hallucinations. Dream-time erotic impulses. Rousing to strange and unsettling surroundings—disoriented, disrobed and drenched—only to discover you have done the unthinkable again. Welcome to the Grimm’s Fairytale-esque world of a sexsomniac.

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Posted by Monster Children - 18.09.2014


For this year’s Team Average adventure we put Stephanie Gilmore, Andrew Allen, Craig Anderson, Dion Agius and Dylan Rieder on a plane and sent them to the island country of Sri Lanka. There they surfed and skated and rode through the verdant hills in a bus helmed by a lunatic.

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Posted by Jam - 16.09.2014

Cinema: Keep On Keepin’ On

For years a mate of mine Adam Hart was making a documentary. The first time he told me about it, we were at a makeshift bar in Nicaragua. He flew from LA and told us tales of him filming jazz music legends. Seemed like he was having a ball, even though he had never been DOP on a feature documentary before. For…

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Posted by Su Young Choi - 22.07.2014

Sydney movements

Collection of Sydney skateboarding footage featuring our friends Sammy Winter, Bjorn Johnston, Chima Ferguson, Josh Pall, Ryan Wilson, Jon Lorcan, Juan Onekawa, Dean Palmer + more. Shot and edited by Luke Smith.

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Posted by Erin - 16.07.2014

Rob Machado’s Through The Lens: Episode 4

Directed by Tyler Manson, this latest episode of Rob Machado’s Through The Lens series takes you into the kitchen of Alex Atala’s Sao Paulo restaurant, inside the barrels of Rio, and leg-deep into the murky waters of the slums of Jardim Gramacho.

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Posted by Jam - 16.07.2014


We’ve got something big for you, Phantom cinematographer Chris Bryan‘s latest film reel. It’s a damn fine piece of work, direct from his lens over recent times. What’s better than a wild Sumatran rodeo, 20 foot Teahupoo pounding across dry reef, John John Florence in full flight and bare breasts being generously covered with milk – all captured at 1000 frames per second?…

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Posted by Jam - 10.07.2014


Last week Tas Pappas sat down with MC to speak his mind on the past, growing balls and skating again. The film ‘All This Mayhem’ tells the story of him and his brother Ben defeating Tony Hawk and becoming crowned International World Champions within a year.

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Posted by Jam - 10.07.2014

Hypnotic Skeleton Bay

Another hypnotic Skeleton Bay clip to mess with your head. “You can only really catch one or two waves in the time that you paddle out, because the current is so hectic. So you wait for a set, as soon as you see the set, paddle out, catch the set, ride the wave for pretty much a…

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Posted by Jam - 09.07.2014

Monster Children Issue 43 – On sale now

Issue #43 of Monster Children is bigger than that 1959 cinematic epic starring Charlton Heston, Tootsie. MC #43 boasts an extra 56 pages of incredible content, and it’s also guest edited by Mike D of the Beastie Boys!