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Posted by Alex Schmidt - 17.04.2014

youTube Boob

Whether you’re sitting around drinking, or trying to get stoked to skate, I’ve found these 5 videos entertaining and somewhat inspirational. Take them as you will, I know I have.

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Posted by Paige - 16.04.2014

Leica’s ‘Let Us Roam’ with Arto Saari

Leica‘s new series, Let Us Roam features iconic figures in skateboarding including Greg Hunt, Arto Saari, Ray Barbee and Atiba Jefferson. It focuses on how skateboarding is a gateway drug into other creative fields and ways of expression. Episode 2 discusses Arto’s transition from skateboarding to photography.

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Posted by Monster Children - 16.04.2014

Brian Jonestown Massacre Tambourine Man Debuts Video

Joel Gion of The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s maraca- and tambourine-man fame has finally shot off on his own and is pursuing a solo career. Here’s a rad new video the outfit just put out.

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Posted by Paige - 15.04.2014

Knost and Ford, Panama

Alex Knost and Ford Archbold surf a fun, closeout beach break in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. This wave looks way better than it actually is. It breaks like 5 feet from the sand in super shallow water. Do not be fooled, Bocas Del Toro is a super cool and really beautiful place, but the waves…

29th Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony - Show
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Posted by Paige - 12.04.2014

Surprise Nirvana Show in BK Last Night

After their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the performance at Barclays, Nirvana members Dave Grohl, Krist Noveselic and Pat Smear joined Joan Jett, J. Mascis, Annie Clark, Kim Gordon and John McCaaluey at Greenpoint’s St. Vitus bar for a secret show. The audience maybe met 100 people. Here are a couple…

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Posted by Chris - 11.04.2014

D’BLANC available now

Italian-made D’BLANC sunglasses available now in store and online. Film by Jason Lee Parry featuring Kel Markey, Derrick Disney, Taylor Dunfee and Troy Elmore with music by Thee Oh Sees.

Daryl Angel Cover
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Posted by Paige - 09.04.2014

What Daryl Angel Did Today

What does Daryl Angel do each day? Does he play basketball? Does he steal fruit? Does he make necklaces out of macaroni and give them to the homeless? The answer in each case is no. So what does he do each day? Does he write Frasier fan fiction? Does he furiously masturbate to a photo…

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Posted by Paige - 09.04.2014

From the Same

A narrated short by Riley Blakeway featuring Warren Smith and his perspective on creativity – Shot over one week in and around Warren’s warehouse in downtown Los Angeles.

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Posted by Monster Children - 09.04.2014


Drawing on the exoticism and solitude of several locations around France and the Iberian Peninsula, Guillem Cruells captured a unique perspective of Spanish pro Ethan Egiguren and his surfing.

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Posted by Paige - 08.04.2014

Earl Sweatshirt x Lakai

Earl Sweatshirt from OFWGKTA has a collab shoe with Lakai out now. The line features a series of t-shirts, hoodies, bucket hats, socks and a four colourway series of the Lakai Camby shoes. Photos by: Sagan Lockhart

Acid Issue 2 cover
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Posted by Paige - 08.04.2014

In Print: Acid

Acid is a new surf magazine with “engineered good times.” Created by Olivier Talbot and Bertrand Trichet and published in Paris, the mission was to “look at surfing through prisms of exploration and everyday life.” Shortly after surfing had become important for us, we felt the need to portray surfing in a broad context and…

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Posted by Su Young Choi - 05.04.2014

Nike SB Australia just released a really really amazing video titled “Two Up”

Nike SB Australia have released their highly anticipated video Two Up featuring OZSOTY Nick Boserio and Alex Campbell. Guided by Australia’s best skate filmmakers Chris Middlebrook and Geoff Campbell, this is the best production that’s come out of the country in recent times. 2 of the most powerful and interesting personalities from Australia blaze around…

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Posted by Monster Children - 05.04.2014


Nautilus is a video portrait made by Matt Payne that showcases the subtle nuances of pool skateboarding from a baroque cinematic perspective. Huntington Beach’s Jake Reuter takes his relaxed, improv approach from wall to wall with an ease that tends to downplay the sheer gnarliness of some of the shit he does. It’s almost as…