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Posted by Erin - 23.07.2014


Today we would like to introduce you to Arnette’s new series, Anything But. The first episode features human propeller Chippa Wilson talk about his fondness for old pick up trucks.
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Posted by Monster Children - 17.07.2014

MOVING UNITS: Seduction of a mermaid

Who are these mystical sirens of the ocean? These matrons of enchantment, coaxing you into the wild seas of your heart, seducing you with their beauty and mesmerising your salty soul.

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Posted by Erin - 16.07.2014

Rob Machado’s Through The Lens: Episode 4

Directed by Tyler Manson, this latest episode of Rob Machado’s Through The Lens series takes you into the kitchen of Alex Atala’s Sao Paulo restaurant, inside the barrels of Rio, and leg-deep into the murky waters of the slums of Jardim Gramacho.

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Posted by Jam - 16.07.2014


We’ve got something big for you, Phantom cinematographer Chris Bryan‘s latest film reel. It’s a damn fine piece of work, direct from his lens over recent times. What’s better than a wild Sumatran rodeo, 20 foot Teahupoo pounding across dry reef, John John Florence in full flight and bare breasts being generously covered with milk – all captured at 1000 frames per second?…

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Posted by Jam - 11.07.2014


This is what you (and I) missed out on yesterday. Maybe you didn’t miss out on this gold. Maybe you surfed this until your legs were in a gelatine like state and you were as dehydrated as a salted prune in the Gobi Desert. Maybe you chucked a few snaps of your empty line up onto Instagram.  And…

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Posted by Jam - 10.07.2014

Hypnotic Skeleton Bay

Another hypnotic Skeleton Bay clip to mess with your head. “You can only really catch one or two waves in the time that you paddle out, because the current is so hectic. So you wait for a set, as soon as you see the set, paddle out, catch the set, ride the wave for pretty much a…

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Posted by Monster Children - 07.07.2014

PEOPLE: Cole Simler

Cole Simler has been shaping surfboards for longer than most of us have been alive. His shaped boards for the likes of Nathan Fletcher, Bruce Irons, Andy Irons and Matt Archbold to name just a few.

Travers 2010 w.adler584
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Posted by Monster Children - 06.07.2014


Will Adler is an LA-based surf & editorial photographer. His ocean and beach landscapes are dreamy and dazed; like a vacation for the eyes. This past week, his photography show opened in NYC.

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Posted by Erin - 02.07.2014


Team Average is back for round three! We’ve taken Stephanie Gilmore, Dion Agius, Craig Anderson, Dylan Rieder and Andrew Allen to Sri Lanka. Feature and film coming September. Stay tuned for updates!

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Posted by Eric Greene - 28.06.2014

Andrew Blauschild – Kookbox

Here are some words with Andrew Blauschild, co-founder of Kookbox Surfboards, about the past and present of NY surf culture, photography, and how chicks used to dig bankers but now they prefer surfers.

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Posted by Jam - 20.06.2014


Prepare yourself, or start packing your bags. Our journey begins in the Island nation of French Polynesia: “De Passage” is the French translation of Just Passing Through. After our exploration of the tropical wonderland that is Tahiti with our crew of Rob Machado, Alana Blanchard, Shane Dorian, Kai Otton, Nick Rozsa, Cyrus Sutton, Luke Davis,…

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Posted by Jam - 10.06.2014


There’s something about that land mass across the ditch – let it be a precious ring, or empty lineups – it’s always going to draw you back. Filmmaker Owen Milne made his way to New Zealand, with plans of a simple snatch and grab, 12 day surf trip. Little did Owen know, that a couple of months…

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Posted by Jam - 10.06.2014

The Cradle of Storms

As Sydney was belted with disgusting weekend weather and ordinary waves, I finally sat down and watched Surfer Magazine’s ‘The Cradle of Storms’. At the mercy of the elements, freezing water and heavy Alaskan weather systems, this is a surf adventure unlike most others. The first spot in the film is this giant snow capped volcano, dwarfing the…

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Posted by Jam - 10.06.2014

Chasing unicorns

I just had a meltdown watching this shit. Now on the pulse of $200 indo flights. Filmed by: Yusak Richard, Andre Cricket, David Deus, Jacob Wooden, Made Ropik, Pietro Franca, Shane Dawson, Alessio Saraifoger

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Posted by Jam - 03.06.2014


The Land Of is a three part web-series that follows a diverse group of five surfers as they travel through Thailand, a place known more for its party scene than its surf culture, as they seek to find a sense of purpose and some sweet waves. They collaborated with non-profits and communities throughout their journey to…

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Posted by Chris Cote - 22.05.2014

UNIV x Hosoi Hammerhead

The UNIV x Hosoi Hammerhead surfboard collaboration was shaped by Christian Hosoi and UNIV’s own James Addonizio in the UNIV Work Shop. The Hammerhead surfboard is a scaled-up replica of Christian’s famous skateboard design from the 1980s til today. The collaboration was born in 2013 and then Christian came down to our UNIV Workshop in…

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Posted by Monster Children - 19.05.2014

Dark Days Surfing in New England

Spencer Neff isn’t your typical New England surfer… He isn’t your typical North Shore Hamilton High School student either. At age 17 it is clear that Spencer already walks very much to the beat of his own drum. Often waking up long before the sun is up, ditching school to get in his Land Cruiser…

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Posted by Jam - 15.05.2014


Fear of falling, fear of crawling, fear or fear stalling, fear of never. The all seeing, all being but always fleeing. Man who rubs sand in his hands also to peel an orange, peel a banana feeling apish. You’re the predatory type and I’m the peaceable type. There’s a lady honking her car to no…