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Posted by Monster Children - 18.04.2014

Jack Freestone’s Favourite Stuff

The Rip Curl Pro has just kicked off down at Bells Beach so we caught up with Bells local and SDS ambassador Jack Freestone to chat about some of his favourite stuff. No surprise that Ms. Alana Blanchard was mentioned. We also got these great lifestyle shots of him throughout his day. Photos by Hayden…

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Posted by Monster Children - 15.04.2014

Return of the Dragon

This Thursday, Mark Richards Surfboards and Doomsday Store are collaborating on a limited-run of t-shirts and hand-shaped surfboards inspired by the Bruce Lee Dragon logo. Back in the winter of ’71, an out-of-money MR had a local artist create a logo for his new surfboard company with Bruce Lee posters as inspiration. “He drew me…

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 11.56.52 AM
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Posted by Paige - 15.04.2014

Knost and Ford, Panama

Alex Knost and Ford Archbold surf a fun, closeout beach break in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. This wave looks way better than it actually is. It breaks like 5 feet from the sand in super shallow water. Do not be fooled, Bocas Del Toro is a super cool and really beautiful place, but the waves…

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Posted by Monster Children - 14.04.2014

Aika Collective: Surf Photos

Aika Collective, the online photo print shop, is now selling surf images in addition to their impressive list of skate shots. Their new list of surf photographers include Zak Noyle, Chris Burkard, Ray Collins, Brian Bielmann, Grant Ellis, Peter Taras, Tom Carey, Warren Keelan, Deb Morris, Timo Jarvinen, Ben Thouard, Matt Clark, Nick Lavecchia, Javi…

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Posted by Paige - 12.04.2014

Mollusk Jeff Divine Show

In the run up to Jeff Divine’s solo exhibition at Mollusk this Sunday, April 12th in San Francisco, his longtime designer/partner Tom Adler has curated a special series of three slideshows, featuring rarely-seen images as well as some of Divine’s most iconic photographs. The event starts at 8pm at 4500 Irving St in San Francisco

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Posted by Jam - 11.04.2014


Recently, surf photographer Morgan Maassen travelled to the Philippines with good friend Chadd Konig to document an incredible effort by locals, surfers, fisherman and relief groups.

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Posted by Monster Children - 10.04.2014

Pilgrim Interview with Atlantic Surfing Mag Founders

Pilgrim Surf + Supply in Brooklyn interviewed legendary east-coast surf publishers. Here’s a portion of the article. In 1965, Brooklyn residents John Gundersen and Paul Chapey published Atlantic Surfing, the first east-coast surfing magazine. They had learned to surf in Miami Beach two years earlier and were fully jazzed on surfing, bringing a Dale Velzy…

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 9.48.03 AM
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Posted by Monster Children - 09.04.2014


Drawing on the exoticism and solitude of several locations around France and the Iberian Peninsula, Guillem Cruells captured a unique perspective of Spanish pro Ethan Egiguren and his surfing.

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Posted by Paige - 04.04.2014

Last Cover of Kelly with Quik Ever!

No April Fools … Kelly’s left Quik and we’ve got his last cover with them ever. Buy your copy of Issue 42 here. A letter to you, from Kelly Slater — There is little I can say that would give the credit due or cover the debt of gratitude I feel on a personal and…

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Posted by Jam - 01.04.2014

Water – Morgan Maassen

Do yourself a favour. Hit HD, hit full screen, grab a pair of noise cancelling headphones and sink into Morgan Maassen’s new film ‘Water’. Shot over the past 6 months in Tahiti and Hawaii. “A brief odyssey into the world that I cherish most”- MM

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Posted by Jam - 01.04.2014


9th November I hit the third floor – the big 30. The plan was to get back to Mex and live it up Pablo style – I didn’t quite get there. Instead I was celebrating in Sandon, camping.

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Posted by Monster Children - 27.03.2014

4 O’Clock Lunch: The Other Half Lives?

The sharks were smart and lazy like most of the humans that also docked up there. Smart enough to make a fortune and lazy enough to spend it on a boat playing gin in the shade while sipping a rum cocktail.

Geoff McFetridge
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Posted by Chris Cote - 26.03.2014

UNIV x Juxtapoz Surfcraft Art Exhibition To Benefit The Philippines

Juxtapoz Magazine x UNIV and Chandran Gallery curated and organized a group of 19 contemporary artists to create custom artwork on UNIV surfcraft to be auctioned off for the Waves For Water organization. The project began during Art Basel in Miami where a mobile UNIV workshop was set up and boards were shaped and painted…

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Posted by Jam - 21.03.2014

‘Loose But In Time’ – Part Three

Ellis Ericson, Troy Elmore, Jason Salisbury and Asher Pacey recently hit road with Damaged Goods Zine & Corona NZ chasing waves across New Zealand. Did they score? Of course they did.

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Posted by Jam - 20.03.2014

The youth of Angourie

Chris Zaffis is a young North Coast lad, who certainly has the moves. This is the kid that rescued a father and son, while surfing in the Australian Titles a couple of years back. Until recently, he’s been suckling at the sponsorship teat, but even without that support, he’s still tearing apart his backyard. If…

13 Dane Huxley
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Posted by Monster Children - 19.03.2014

Gudauskas Brothers // Electric California

Pat, Dane, and Tanner Gudauskas are many things. They are twins, brothers, best friends, competitors, artists, musicians, and surfers. Electric California partnered with them as surf and lifestyle ambassadors.