Deanna hotel room Rome leg lift copy
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Posted by Crombie - 18.12.2014

Ed Templeton’s Wayward Cognitions.

Ed Templeton has a new book out. It’s called ‘Wayward Cognitions’ and it contains a selection of work carefully curated from his extensive, spiderweb-wreathed image archive. We rang Ed up and asked some questions.

Day 10 - Imogen 1
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Posted by Crombie - 05.12.2014

True Christmas Stories

Like the JFK assassination or Kurt Cobain’s suicide, you never forget where you were the moment Santa Claus becomes not real. I’ll always remember where I was when the jolly fat man went up in a puff of smoke, and after reading this you wont be able to forget either. My father is one of those…

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Posted by Jam - 03.12.2014

SMOKE: Epokhe Klara & Ostra

Did you ever cook French Toast when you were a kid? White bread, dipped in egg then thrown in the frypan. It was kind of crisp, but also soggy as all fuck. How good was it? That good. Lather it in butter and honey then devour each slice quicker than the time it takes to say “Good…

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Posted by Lincoln Jubb - 01.12.2014


Summer is upon on us and you know what that means? Bikinis. Lots and lots of bikinis. Everybody loves bikinis. I love bikinis, my dog loves bikinis, the Nun at my Sunday School loves bikinis.

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Posted by Lucille - 03.11.2014

4 To Watch: Stef Mitchell

Stef Mitchell is an Australian photographer who fled the retirement village of Lane Cove for the bright lights of NYC and hasn’t looked back. She was featured as one of four photographers to watch in the 2014 Photo Annual

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Posted by Monster Children - 30.10.2014


In the MC 2014 Photo Annual we feature ‘modern woman’ Jessie Andrews – the 22 year old porn star, small business owner, jewelry designer and DJ. The feature was shot by South African photographer Henrik Purienne. Get your hands on a copy of the photo annual to see the full spread, and enjoy the outtakes that didn’t make it to print here. You’re very welcome.

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Posted by Jam - 15.10.2014

Exhibit: Astray – New York

Photographer Nicolas Potts joins a bunch of other incredible Aussie photographers this Friday, 17 October for a group show called Astray. Details below: Chasm Gallery Bushwick – 56 Bogart Street Friday 17 October 6-8pm If you buy a print of Luci on Friday, Nicolas will throw in a free motobike. Luci Bike 1, 50cm x 70cm, epson…

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Posted by Monster Children - 13.10.2014

Epokhe x Monster Children sunglasses

We teamed up with our friends at Epokhe to bring you something just as special as Gigi. Exclusive limited edition Epokhe x Monster Children aviator-inspired sunglasses designed in Italy. Watch the video here.

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Posted by Crombie - 08.10.2014

The Print Aint Dead Zine Review: A Place In The Sun

Print is alive and kicking, and anyone who disagrees should have seen the turn out at The Printed Matter Art Book Fair held at PS1 on the weekend. The attendance numbers were in the high millions, and they all came to checkout the 300,000 metric tons of artists’ books, catalogs, monographs, periodicals, zines, and antiquarian publications–not…

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Posted by Monster Children - 07.10.2014


Ah, Paris, city of lights. City of love! And more than likely city of some blowjobs. Photographer Pep Kim went to Frenchland recently and brought us back these great photos.

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Posted by Lucille - 03.10.2014


Baywatch taught us many things. Running in slow motion is the fastest way to get from A to B. At most beaches, you’re more likely to encounter eco-terrorists, yacht pirates, arms dealers, and/or diamond smugglers than you are to drown. A real lifeguard can handle sharks, salt-water crocodiles, giant octopi. And women have breasts. Large,…

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Posted by Jam - 25.09.2014


The greek God Zeus and his lady Mnemosyne had nine daughters. I’ve met them, they were incredible – more graceful, more beautiful and more intelligent than any babe before them. The Muses, who were also known as the Water Nymphs, inspired the line between art and science. During the day they would go to the sacred springs of…

Nat Lanyon AU
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Posted by Monster Children - 25.09.2014


Forget the #Fappening, we’ve got the Girls category of the MC Photo Competition by D’BLANC. Tasteful shots are where it’s at kids. And the below shortlist showcases exactly that. Nude, clothed and angles a plenty, we’ve got them all this year.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 3.04.32 pm
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Posted by Jam - 19.09.2014


Sweat-soaked sheets. Haunting hallucinations. Dream-time erotic impulses. Rousing to strange and unsettling surroundings—disoriented, disrobed and drenched—only to discover you have done the unthinkable again. Welcome to the Grimm’s Fairytale-esque world of a sexsomniac.