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Posted by Paige - 12.04.2014

My New Roommate

A friend of friend just moved into the loft that I’m subletting in LA. Looking through the new stack of magazines on our coffee table, I found this editorial. Huh. And there she was, the new roommate. Here’s Sahara Ray shot by Purienne for Lui magazine.

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Posted by Paige - 01.04.2014

Ezekiel & Aconsumer – All We Have is Now

The first installment of Ezekiel‘s artist collab series All We Have is Now is set in South Africa with Aconsumer’s Lyall Coburn. Shot in 16mm and created with an original score.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 10.51.33 AM
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Posted by Cydney Morris - 26.03.2014


Viciously_Cyd is a carefully curated collection of my favorite images that cascade from mind to blog.  These images breathe life into my design process, they fuel my outlook on life and they make my ethereal dreams a tad bit concrete.  It always starts as some tangential mess, but I find cohesion in this underlying current…

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Posted by Monster Children - 19.03.2014

Caroline – Page 33

Accidentally seeing boobs is about a million times better than hunting boobs out to gawk at like a drooling predator. The former is innocent and thrilling while the latter is, well… still awesome, but let’s face it, a bit seedy.

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Posted by Paige - 13.03.2014


Monster Children #42 has hit the stands! Leo Fitzpatrick, Jake Bugg, Daryl Angel, Austyn Gillette, the ghost of Patrick Leigh Fermor and even God are in this issue.

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Posted by Paige - 13.03.2014

Blue is the Warmest Color Up on Netflix

In case you were too lazy (or embarrassed of what might happen) to see it in the theater, now you can watch it from the privacy of your locked bedroom.

untitled-1682-Edit-2 copy
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Posted by Paige - 12.03.2014


Akila’s first solo show in NYC was named after the ’59 Gidget quote, “You better get out of the sun before you melt.” It was shot in various locations around the planet and features lots of pretty, almost naked girls.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 4.50.22 PM copy
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Posted by Monster Children - 05.03.2014

Back Issue: Page 33 in Issue 7

Rose Ashton is an icing sugar spoon. You know what I’m talking about. Mum’s baked a big ol’ chocolate sponge. She’s reached up into the top of the pantry and pulled out that little pink box full of fine white powder.

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Posted by Paige - 01.03.2014

Petra Collins: ‘Discharge’ in NYC

Remember American Apparel’s menstruation/masturbation vagina t-shirt? The 21-year-old who designed it, Petra Collins, is having her first show tonight in NYC at Capricious 88.

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Posted by Paige - 20.02.2014

Film Studies: Cocksucker Blues

Ever heard of Robert Frank’s Cocksucker Blues? Usually when stuff was banned back in the ’70s, you expected it to be pretty mild in content as the censorship was overseen by the biggest of prudes (bigger still than Tipper Gore). But after taking a peep at the below trailer for the documentary of the Rolling…

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 9.58.24 AM
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Posted by Paige - 14.02.2014

Back Issue: Page 33 from Issue 16

My favourite piece of Russian history has to do with the assassination of “Mad Monk” Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin. He loved his booze and also enjoyed a rep as a bit of a wild-man-of-Borneo between the sheets.

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Posted by Monster Children - 12.02.2014


It was a miserably hot day in New York City and everything was going wrong. I think my first mistake was having my friend Steffan as our driver, who instead of having an eight passenger van like I thought, pulled up in an equipment van with four seats (two of them already filled for him…

bs d
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Posted by Paige - 29.01.2014

Back Issue: Best Shot in Issue 31

This image came out of the first shoot I ever did with Daria. We had met when I first moved to New York eight years ago and about six years had passed before we ever shot together.