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Posted by Jam - 19.09.2014


Sweat-soaked sheets. Haunting hallucinations. Dream-time erotic impulses. Rousing to strange and unsettling surroundings—disoriented, disrobed and drenched—only to discover you have done the unthinkable again. Welcome to the Grimm’s Fairytale-esque world of a sexsomniac.

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Posted by Dale - 13.08.2014

LENS: Nat Lanyon

So everyone these days wants to be a photographer, shoot film, shoot girls and make money out of it. God, it does sound good when you put it like that. Anyway, Nat Lanyon has somehow done all of the above and is currently working on a book.

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Posted by Laura - 06.08.2014

LENS: Ali Mitton

As a photographer there is always the work you wish you could be doing, and the work you actually do to pay the bills. Ali Mitton’s images are a prime example of former. Her combination of whimsy and edge result in these scenarios one might think were only possible in dreams.

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Posted by Jam - 04.08.2014

CASTLE: Mont Saint Michel – Shaun Freeman

This is not Mont Saint Michel. This is a shitty apartment block in Neutral Bay, Sydney. Having large amounts of people living close together is really interesting – you really have no idea what your neighbours are up to.

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Posted by Jam - 21.07.2014

CASTLE: Castel del Monte – Luke Schuetrumpf

This is not Castel del Monte. This is the Vendome and it was built in 1965. The lovely young lass in frame is Lola and she frequents the Vendome. She is however perfectly symmetrical.

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Posted by Crombie - 03.07.2014

Foxy But Dead #2098: Elizabeth Montgomery

Hello and welcome to Foxy But Dead, the part of your life where you read about some deceased lady who I’d have crack at if she wasn’t a skeleton. This week’s FBD: Elizabeth Montgomery. This is going to sound crazy, but if I happened to be perusing Finnish craigslist and I came upon someone selling…

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Posted by Campbell - 26.06.2014

Girl anytime i feel like it

Two muffins were sitting in an oven.One turned to the other and said “Hey, it’s pretty hot in here, isn’t it?”The other turned and shouted “Oh my god a talking muffin!” Model: Sally Paton  

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Posted by Paige - 28.05.2014

RIP Bunny Yeager

The cult female photographer of the ’50s and ’60s, Bunny Yeager has just passed away. Starting out as a pin-up model herself, she eventually took over the camera and began shooting  friends in the nude. She was most famous for her work with Bettie Page and in the end, more of Page’s images (by Yeager)…

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Posted by Monster Children - 26.05.2014

Back Issue: #31 Page 33

This is Shanay Hall. She is 21. She grew up in Perth but she now lives in New York. This photo was taken at 10am in Sydney. When this photo was taken Shanay had not known sleep for over 24 hours. She had been out all night. I’m not there when this photo as taken….

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Posted by Katja Horvat - 20.05.2014


Kate Bellm is an English-born, Berlin-based photographer. By the list of countries and places she’s visited, is quite hard to believe that she’s only 26 years old.

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Posted by Monster Children - 16.05.2014

Zoe Belle Elyse by Edgar Obrand & Isaac Zoller

Zoe Belle Elyse spent a day in Downtown LA with our friends and photographers Edgar Obrand and Isaac Zoller. Theres just something about a pale skin girl with bleached white hair, red lipstick and some nice shades. Shades by D’Blanc

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Posted by Paige - 09.05.2014

Avril Alexander by Derek Wood

These are part of an ongoing studio series of mine. I like simple clean beauty. No hair and make up and little to no clothes. – Derek Wood Thanks Derek, we agree. Derek Wood Photography

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Posted by Paige - 08.05.2014


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