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Posted by Erin - 19.08.2014

LENS: Benedict Brink in Graceland

Jump in the car, throw all your expectations out the window, and head down to Graceland, Tennessee. And if you can’t, just look at Benedict Brink’s pictures instead. Her camera will take you there.

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Posted by Monster Children - 19.08.2014


It is hard to separate Sage the dude from Sage Vaughn the artist. The dude is simply awesome. There are very few people around who I think could be more fun to surf and hang and talk about life and just generally bullshit with than Sage.

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Posted by Dale - 18.08.2014

Single 12 Months

It’s your dads 80th Birthday, he proposes the idea of a ‘slide night’, you’re thinking great, here goes 2 hours of my life i’ll never get back. Instead, what unfolds is a collection of historic, rare and unique imagery from 1950′s America. This is exactly what happened to a good friend of MC, Craig Rochfort…

Cover Shot
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Posted by Dale - 13.08.2014

LENS: Nat Lanyon

So everyone these days wants to be a photographer, shoot film, shoot girls and make money out of it. God, it does sound good when you put it like that. Anyway, Nat Lanyon has somehow done all of the above and is currently working on a book.

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Posted by Dale - 13.08.2014


Over the past 8 months Saskia Folk has been hacking rusted out, abandoned vehicles in the Norther Territory to pieces. Fascinated by the textures, patterns, colours and feel that the harsh desert conditions have created she has turned them into one of a kind pieces of art. ‘Panel Work’ starts this Friday August 15th at 424…

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Posted by Dale - 11.08.2014

HANDMADE: Sharna Martorella

You know the kind of person that can do just about anything? Well I think Sharna is one of those annoyingly creative people. She’s done it all.

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Posted by Monster Children - 07.08.2014

AMANNY AHMAD: Perpetual Motion

Amanny Ahmad is on an extended stay, one-way ticket trip back to Los Angeles. Slow Culture are happy to present Amanny’s solo exhibition “Perpetual Motion,” this Friday August 8th!!

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Posted by Erin - 05.08.2014

Volcom Mural by Gemma O’Brien

When I finished high school I studied law. And then I was like, ‘fuck this!’ I lasted a year. Then I moved to Sydney and went to Art School.

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Posted by Dale - 01.08.2014


Now, the Cox and Wang puns were flying around the office like nobody’s business. Hayden’s got a new Wang, Cox and Wang in NY, etc. but we’ll veer away from the smut and fill you in on the more important stuff here. Hayden Cox has teamed up with the one and only Alexander Wang to…

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Posted by Su Young Choi - 30.07.2014


The Van Doren Invitational (VDI) is being held at the Vans US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, CA, this weekend. We went to scope out the phenomenal artwork featured on the skatepark.

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Posted by Monster Children - 29.07.2014

Walkthrough: WAYDAT? in Sydney

Neckface, Leo and Weirdo Dave walk us through RVCA’s group art show, What Are You Doing After this? in Sydney. Watch as they praise and rip each others work to shreds.

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Posted by Erin - 16.07.2014


For our fashion spread in Issue #43, we turned to Los Angeles photographer Keegan Gibbs to light up our pages with his colorful perspective. Enjoy the outtakes from #43′s ‘On The beach’ fashion shoot.

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Posted by Eric Greene - 10.07.2014


Video by Robert Grieb of Positive Productions   Let’s begin with a super brief background summary. Cole Barash was the main man in snowboard photography a few years back. He was at the top, above all the rest, and every brand and pro snowboarder wanted a piece. Three years ago he moved to New York,…

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Posted by Crombie - 10.07.2014

CHIRP: A Collection of Andy Jenkins Illustrations from The Skateboard Mag

Do you get emails from the legendary artist Andy Jenkins? I do. I get them all the time. Here’s today’s: Hey Stud. I’ve started a Kickstater page for a new project we’re working on.  A 7″ x 7″ book filled with the best of my Skate Mag drawings — most of them created for a particular…

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 4.16.50 PM
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Posted by Erin - 09.07.2014


Madonna backstage at Howie Montaug’s cabaret at Danceteria, NYC. Photo By Josh Cheuse. Full interview and feature in MC #43.

Ilse Valfre - valfre
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Posted by Erin - 05.07.2014

PEOPLE: Valfré

Ilse Valfré is a Mexican born illustrator with a huge online following. I know what you’re all thinking; she’s also a huge babe. Here she is talking art, inspiration, and deportation.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 11.57.24 AM
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Posted by Monster Children - 04.07.2014


This a photo from at my friend Jeremy’s trailer in Panama City beach FL. I took this photo a few years ago. It’s a TV in the trailer; it doesn’t really work. Thank you Jeremy for providing a sanctuary for us all these years.

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Posted by Chris - 03.07.2014

The Creative Class

WeTransfer, those helpful folk that assist us to send stupidly large images to each other on a daily basis, have just developed a short series profiling leading creatives and the role technology plays in their process. Featuring Damon Albarn, Tim Dixon and the boss, Stefan Sagmeister. Watch the series here