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Posted by Paige - 24.04.2014

Muska’s Opening Friday in LA

This Friday Chad Muska is opening up his studio at Werkärtz in Los Angeles to the public with his show titled Alignment. It’s a one-night-only thing. In his work, he utilizes resin, concrete and steel to create various wall-hangings and sculptures. Without these mediums, my career in skateboarding would not be possible and there would be no…

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Posted by Monster Children - 23.04.2014

Hungry For Love

Céline Manz has just released a new book called Hungry For Love. In it, the Swedish photographer has put her collages that she created using images from Terry Richardson’s Sisley 2002 campaign of the same name. Download the publication for free here.  

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Posted by Monster Children - 22.04.2014

Acid Drop Party

The guys from Acid Drop Collective threw a hell of a party at Kingswell this weekend. Steffan Attardo showed off his artwork and his partners Danny Montoya and Rob Gonzalez premiered their short film featuring Jose Pereyra. You can watch the film right here! Photos from Jacob Messex.

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Posted by Monster Children - 22.04.2014

Lens: Fabian Unternährer

With this series, I was trying to seek out the hidden beauty and the uncanny behind the banalism of the everyday life. So as simple and short as it is to say, banalities hide the exceptional and vice versa.

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Posted by Monster Children - 18.04.2014

Art Tonight in LA

LA-based photographer, Mark Rubenstein‘s new work, “A Light at the End of the Road” is opening tonight from 7-9pm at Hemingway and Pickett. The series, which took Rubenstein three years to complete, is influenced by filmmakers Terrence Malick and Katsuhiro Otomo for their representation of the ever-changing world around them. 3208 W Sunset Blvd, Los…

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Posted by Paige - 18.04.2014

Gabriel García Márquez (’27-’14)

The Colombian winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature and my favorite writer, Gabriel José de la Concordia García Márquez has passed away today after 87 years. Below is an excerpt from his celebrated novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude, which is influenced by his childhood growing up in Aracataca in his grandparent’s house. Since his…

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Posted by Paige - 17.04.2014

This Black Metal Guy, Russell Nachman

There is something extremely comforting when a person says, “these guys,” and theyʼre talking about the characters in their water-color paintings. Any time I walk into a room and someone, throws on a Kris Kristofferson record and gladly accepts the six pack of beer Iʼm offering, I get this feeling like, “Shit. Weʼre gonna get along.” Suffice to say we started to get cozy in no time.

photo 1
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Posted by Monster Children - 17.04.2014

In Print: Free Thinkers

Free Thinkers is a bi-annual zine curated by Lifetime Clothing as another venue on which to communicate their ideals and exchange ideas. “We are all a Collective of Free Thinkers, and there are stories to tell.” Issue #6 features the likes of graphic artist/designer Brian Roettinger, the music of Oxford Mississippi’s Bass Drum of Death,…

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Posted by Paige - 17.04.2014

Keep It Simple Opening in Melbourne

This month in Melbourne, Backwoods Gallery is hosting the prominent street artist Stabs‘ new show, KEEP IT SIMPLE. After recently spending time in Jakarta and Yogyakarta painting with local graffiti crews there, he has filled up an entire journal documenting his trip entirely using his own language of glyphs. KEEP IT SIMPLE is his presentation…

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Posted by Monster Children - 16.04.2014

Deadbeat Club: Field Trip

This weekend, Seeing Things Gallery in San Jose will present a photography group show by Deadbeat Club entitled Field Trip. The show features the work of six photographers: Grant Hatfield, Deanna Templeton, Ed Templeton, Clint Woodside, Devin Briggs and Nolan Hall, all of whom are friends and share a similar idealistic view of photography, while…

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Posted by Katja Horvat - 15.04.2014

Captivating Synchrodogs

That moment when imagination and reality come together, blending in a mesmerizing outcome. Haunting images with an eerie feel despite all the color use. Meet the Ukrainian art-brut savage duo Synchrodogs.

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Posted by Monster Children - 14.04.2014

Aika Collective: Surf Photos

Aika Collective, the online photo print shop, is now selling surf images in addition to their impressive list of skate shots. Their new list of surf photographers include Zak Noyle, Chris Burkard, Ray Collins, Brian Bielmann, Grant Ellis, Peter Taras, Tom Carey, Warren Keelan, Deb Morris, Timo Jarvinen, Ben Thouard, Matt Clark, Nick Lavecchia, Javi…

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Posted by Monster Children - 14.04.2014

Lens: Matt Lief Anderson

July finally came around and I headed home from where I was living in Istanbul to start the trip I was planning for months: A trip 4,000 miles from LA to the last road north in Alaska’s Arctic Circle.

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Posted by Paige - 12.04.2014

Mollusk Jeff Divine Show

In the run up to Jeff Divine’s solo exhibition at Mollusk this Sunday, April 12th in San Francisco, his longtime designer/partner Tom Adler has curated a special series of three slideshows, featuring rarely-seen images as well as some of Divine’s most iconic photographs. The event starts at 8pm at 4500 Irving St in San Francisco

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Posted by Paige - 11.04.2014

WEIRD FICTION at As Issued in CA

Tomorrow night from 7-10, As Issued in Costa Mesa is hosting Alex Wasbin and Evan “Stink” Rossell for their collaborative show, Weird Fiction. Each was inspired by their respective grandparents who were artists as well: Alex’s grandmother worked in textiles (including at RVCA) and painting, while Evan’s grandfather was a cartoonist. Riley Blakeway recently filmed…

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Posted by Paige - 11.04.2014

Protest for Ai Weiwei in NY Tonight

Tonight in Brooklyn, PENS American Center is staging a protest in support of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, whom the Chinese government has banned from attending his own show in Brooklyn on the 17th of April. The demonstration begins at the Brooklyn Public Library where PENS has organized an impressive cast of Ai supporters including Marina Abramović,…

2014-04-02 09.14.55
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Posted by Paige - 11.04.2014

Tanya Aguiñiga at the Ace DTLA

The Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles has been open for only 4 months and already its hosted an insane list of acts including it’s opening two-night show with Spiritualized who played their Ladies and Gentlemen album from start to finish. Now that Issue 42 of Monster Children is on the stands, it’s also in…

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Posted by Paige - 10.04.2014

Sometimes Issue 3 Launch

Last night saw the Somedays store in Surry Hills open their doors to launch the latest edition of their annual publication Sometimes. Featuring interviews and words about people like Ann Ringstrand from Hope, Johannes & Alexander Graah from Dr. Denim, photographer Myles Pritchard, chef Andrew Levins and artist Marcie O’Neill as well as the word from…

OFF Wasted Years Album Art
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Posted by Erin - 10.04.2014

Get Wasted with OFF!

Everyone can relate to a title like OFF!’s new album, Wasted Years. We’ve all thrown away a calendar year or two on someone or something that wasn’t worth the trouble. Or, we’ve all spent at least a year of our lives literally wasted. Off chops. Bamboozled. Sideways as the horizon. I spoke with Dimitri Coats,…