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Posted by Lincoln Jubb - 26.11.2014

North Journal Launch

The North Journal have teamed up with Corona and will be launching their Summer Issue at Wild Things Gallery on Sydney’s Northern Beaches this Saturday the 29th of Nov, celebrating one year in the independent publishing game.

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Posted by Lincoln Jubb - 25.11.2014


I even know of one photographer who is willing to throw in the odd sexual favour with any print purchased just to close the deal, unfortunately for him he looks like Rosie O’Donnell.

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Posted by Jam - 25.11.2014

WATCH: Sammy the Explorer by Stefan Hunt

Is Sammy’s name really Sammy? Or is his name really Ridwan or Adi or Barindra. My dad tells everyone his name is Kamal when it’s definitely not. He just really likes that 70’s signer by the same name.

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Posted by Lucille - 25.11.2014


Ed Templeton: Skater, photographer, artist, founder of Toy Machine skateboards and early adopter of Monster Children features in our Ten Year book and tells us how being in MC launched his career and helped get him laid…

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Posted by Linnea Stephan - 25.11.2014


Linnea Stephan caught up with artists Kevin Lyons and Jean Andre on the opening night of their HVW8 show to find out more about their characters, work ethic, and the process of designing wearable art.

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Posted by Campbell - 24.11.2014

Poler x Nike SB- The Goodship Galeb – Croatia

The good lads at Poler have launched a new range with Nike. And heres a pretty awesome clip to accompany it. I need a tinnie.  

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 11.53.30 am
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Posted by Campbell - 22.11.2014

Stephanie Gilmore in France

Morgan Maassen shadowed ‘The Champ’ Stephanie Gilmore during the French leg of the tour, the resulting three minutes and forty one seconds of footage is what he came up with.  We have all our fingers and toes crossed that she destroys Hawaii, and wins another title.  

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Posted by Jam - 20.11.2014

WATCH: Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time

3 Grandma’s who have never smoked weed in their lives do a few hits from the bong. They get the munchies and chat about Miley Cyrus’ bleached asshole.

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Posted by Eric Greene - 20.11.2014

10 Things I Hate With Mark McInnis

There are some bitter people in Portland, but photographer Mark McInnis isn’t one of them. He spends most of his time outside the city, on the coast, so he doesn’t have to interact with the assholes as much.

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Posted by Monster Children - 19.11.2014

LENS: Jason Corroto

Lifestyle, it’s probably one of the harder categories to win, or is it the easiest? It’s a really broad category and probably because we were bored of coming up with such creative ones like Music, Travel, Girls and Action. Aren’t we clever.