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Posted by Eric Greene - 24.07.2014

TRAVEL: Berlin Through the Eyes of Eric Greene

MC Contributor and Later Magazine Editor Eric Greene guides us through some interesting facts about the German culture beast that is Berlin.

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Posted by Crombie - 24.07.2014

Print Ain’t Dead Zine Review: PepBoyZine #1

Zine review time. This week I’ll be taking a look at an interesting little publication called PepBoyZine. This is the first issue of PepBoyZine, and it focuses on the Chinatown Soccer Club, a collection of New Yorkers who have been meeting at the Chrystie street soccer field to lay on the ground hold their shins…

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Posted by Erin - 23.07.2014


Today we would like to introduce you to Arnette’s new series, Anything But. The first episode features human propeller Chippa Wilson talk about his fondness for old pick up trucks.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 12.44.55 PM
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Posted by Monster Children - 22.07.2014

Print is dead. Long live print.

Public service Announcement: Monster Children Sydney has moved. You can now leave flaming paper bags of shit at our new address, 1 block down the road. Laziness prevailed on moving day and all of our memories went out the window into a huge dumpster instead of the removal truck. Then we slept in it. Wanna…

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Posted by Dale - 22.07.2014


Converse have just dropped this clip featuring team rider Zered Bassett navigating his way through the hustle and bustle of NYC, through the eyes of those he passes. The Converse ‘CONS Weapon’ will be dropping this Fall in the US and from all good skate retailers in August for Aus.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 12.56.05 PM
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Posted by Su Young Choi - 22.07.2014

Sydney movements

Collection of Sydney skateboarding footage featuring our friends Sammy Winter, Bjorn Johnston, Chima Ferguson, Josh Pall, Ryan Wilson, Jon Lorcan, Juan Onekawa, Dean Palmer + more. Shot and edited by Luke Smith.

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Posted by Monster Children - 22.07.2014


Mike D really pulled out all the stops when he guest edited issue #43 of MC. Not only did he bring on board the likes of Method Man, Ryan Sheckler and Sage Vaughn for the issue, but he teamed up with Nixon to create the limited edition Nixon x MD x MC Supertide.

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Posted by Erin - 22.07.2014


I had an ex boyfriend whose mum was a total bitch to me. We embarked upon watching David Lynch’s Twin Peaks series together, and I remember one day I was watching an episode upstairs in an open lounge room…

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Posted by Jam - 21.07.2014

CASTLE: Castel del Monte – Luke Schuetrumpf

This is not Castel del Monte. This is the Vendome and it was built in 1965. The lovely young lass in frame is Lola and she frequents the Vendome. She is however perfectly symmetrical.

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Posted by Crombie - 21.07.2014

SMOKE: Stolen ‘Coffee & Cigarettes’ Spiced Rum

I actually drank some of this last night at an art opening. Stolen ‘Coffee & Cigarettes’ Spiced Rum and Coke. The girl pouring gave me a wink and an extra-long shot. ‘Don’t wink at me, lady,’ I said, ‘you don’t know what it means.’

Nick Cave
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Posted by Erin - 19.07.2014


There was no escaping the Nick Cave Fever that engulfed Los Angeles last week. I caught his performance at The Ace Downtown, but to call it a performance is a short sell – it was truly an experience teetering on religious.

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Posted by Monster Children - 18.07.2014


These are the songs from our recent cross-country trip. It’s about 30% Bad Seeds. If it were an honest playlist from our trip, it’d be 90% Bad Seeds, because that’s almost all we listened to.

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Posted by Crombie - 18.07.2014

SMOKE: The Etnies Marana E-Lite

I met Ryan Sheckler while we were shooting his story for the Mike D issue. He (Ryan) was a super nice dude. Tripped me out how much he got recognized, though. Everywhere we went people would run up and ask to get their photo with him. He was always really cool about it. I got…

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Posted by Crombie - 18.07.2014

Print Ain’t Dead Zine Review: Punch The Camera #04

Punch The Camera is a photo zine…but it’s pretty good quality so I wonder if it qualifies as a zine…Who cares, it’s cool and I like it and I’m the reviewer here. Issue 04 of Punch The Camera is very, very nice. More than that, it’s nice as fuck. This issue features photography from Sebastien…

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Posted by Lucille - 17.07.2014

Dead Kooks x UNIV

Dead Kooks group show this Friday night at Univ Gallery, Encinitas. Go ‘fondle some boards’ and drink some beers, live tattoos by Louis Gervais and photos by Julian Goulin.

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Posted by Monster Children - 17.07.2014

MOVING UNITS: Seduction of a mermaid

Who are these mystical sirens of the ocean? These matrons of enchantment, coaxing you into the wild seas of your heart, seducing you with their beauty and mesmerising your salty soul.