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Feast of the Day: Crabs!

Fucking hell, look at these crabs! Bet you'd love to wrap your laughing gear around that lot, eh Fatty? Phoar!!!!
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True Story

It’s a miserable, rainy day in New York City. It’s so wet I was forced to catch the subway instead of taking my regular 15-minute...
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Homie would've been 82 today! Fuck that noise.
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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Push the Sky Away

I married a pineapple. My aunty has a Chinese duck. The new Bad Seeds album gave me an erection. Can you guess which of...
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The Ain’t No Spring Chicken Record Review: The The Dusk

LOL! LMAO! YOLO! Do you even know how fucking stupid you sound? We had a name for shit like ‘Abbrevs’ when I was a...
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