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Posted by - 06.02.2014

Shop Talk: RVCA

Did you know that ‘Ruca’ can be translated as “clothes” in Greek, and it is believed the ‘V’ as ‘U’ convention arises from this Greco-Roman connection. However, the closest anglicization of the Greek word for “clothes” (ρούχα) would be roúcha. Ruca is also slang for “chick” or “babe” when referring to an older woman in Spanish? Neither did I. Anyways, meet Amir Tillard and Tess Dunne who spend way too much of their time at RVCA’s first official LA brick-and-mortar on Fairfax. The Costa Mesa-based brand was founded by PM Tenore with the goal of creating a community for art, music, fashion, and sports in an original way. Fourteen years later, they’re still on top of the game.

What’s the weirdest customer experience you’ve had?

AT: This lady came in once right before closing time and she was being really weird and speaking in different accents, and claimed to be from Europe one minute and spoke in a strange accent and then didn’t have one, and this went for like an hour. Pretty funny.
TD: The weirdest customer experience for me was when this other little old lady came in. The lady didn’t speak any English at all and I was trying to help her out because she looked really confused. She ignored me and walked right to our back room and then walked out of the store. It was incredibly strange!

What are your 3 favorite things in the store?

AT: The seat heater on the toilet. Ahah, no it’s the ceiling. It’s by Barry McGee, and I wish I had it at my house, I feel like waking up to that everyday would be the most life changing thing, creative inspiration at its finest.
TD: My first favorite thing in the store is the ceiling! I absolutely love Barry Mcgee and his designs. The ceiling is a huge piece of art that sets our store apart from the others on Fairfax. My second favorite thing is the staff of course. We have such a diverse and unique staff with different talents and personalities. We all bring something great to the table which helps makes RVCA Fairfax the incredible store it is. My third favorite thing about the store would be the RVCA clothes of course but more specifically the RVCA women’s line! The women’s line is continually growing and becoming more outstanding every season! I’m so excited we just announced our collaboration with model Ashley Smith for our RVCA Women’s Fall 2014 line.

Whoa, what a plug! What’s the playlist going now?

AT: The sound system, since I’m all about the music, it makes the world go around and the day feel good. I usually try and put some hip hop on, I’m always playing Atmosphere or Tribe, some classic stuff, but all types of music. Every now and then you might hear Hall & Oates or Ray Barretto or Modest Mouse, keep it random. Basically anything to have people asking who’s playing so they can write it down and download it or whatever.

Where’s the best spot for lunch break?

TD: The best spot for lunch is Gold State which is across the street a bit to the right. Golden State has the best burgers hands down. I need my own private Golden State restaurant in my house !!
AT: I’m always eating Golden State. They have the best burgers and all of those dudes are my homies. I’m really just trying to work my way to the point where they let me have a tab like I’m in goodfellas or something.

What should the store motto be?

AT: I think we all just like to keep good energy around us and in the store, so I’d say, good energy, good vibes, positivity all day everyday, yo.
TD: The store motto should be the balance of opposites which is the same for RVCA. This store, its staff, its location and customers is the perfect definition of the balance of opposites and what a great balance it is!!

RVCA 501 N Fairfax Los Angeles, CA 90048
Photos by Paige Silveria