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Posted by - 26.12.2013

adidas Skateboarding Welcomes Dennis Durrant

adidas Skateboarding‘s international team took on the Aussie back in October. Alex Schmidt has a chat with him about moving home and what it’s like being called a legend.

Tell us about your daily routine.

Well I wouldn’t really say I have a daily routine, I’m not too into routines to be honest. But usually I wake up anywhere between 7 and 10 depending and usually the first thing I do is make a coffee and chill outside and drink it and suss out the weather and the vibe of the day, call the homies and stuff to see what they are keen for, getting out in the streets on the mission or just having a mellow day. We can skate in my back yard, we have benches and flatbars and stuff, so whatever happens I pretty much always end up skating back there at some part of the day. My day can usually go two ways on a good day, Skateboarding obviously or if that’s not really happening my next option is going out fishing on my boat, that’s pretty much the two things I look forward to doing.

Where abouts are you living these days?

Right now I’m living back home in Brisbane Australia. When my U.S visa was about to expire that was the only option I had really as I didn’t really have any sponsors at the time willing to renew it for me. So yeah i’ve been back here for around two years, living with a few mates, It’s been pretty sick.

Who would you say is the biggest Australian legend and why?

Well the one dude that I think is a legend in my eyes is Aron Rowe. One of the best and most talented skateboarders I’ve ever met and skated with, yet alot of people wouldn’t even know who he is.


Can you break down the whole Mystery situation and then Skate Mental?

Well what happened with Mystery was Jamie Thomas called me one day and said he had to make some cuts, not just me but all round. So yeah he said he couldn’t pay me anymore and said I could still ride for Mystery but just couldn’t afford to pay me anymore, so i decided to move on, not only for that reason but also for the reason that the whole vibe of it had also changed a lot as well.

Not long after I got hit up by Staba to see if I’d be down to ride for Skate Mental, Skate Mental seemed pretty sick so I was down for sure. So yeah that was pretty cool for a while, but then it came closer to the time of my Visa expiring.. And initially I told Staba about my visa situation and I was under the impression that he would be willing to work on getting it renewed. Anyways when it came the point where it was expiring and I was gonna have to come home to Aus, Brad kinda acted like he didn’t know about it, which I thought was pretty weird considering our previous conversations. So yeah that was really kinda off putting. So anyways I was back home for a while and the boards kinda started coming less and he stopped paying me aswell, and we werent in contact as much so things kinda just fizzled out, so I was under the impression that I din’t even ride for them anymore. And then he emailed me one day and said that the whole thing wasn’t really gonna work out with me not having a visa and stuff, which was all good as that point I was already kinda over the whole thing anyway.

Don’t get me wrong or anything both Jamie and Staba are both legends, and I’m more than greatful for everything those guys did for me and i have alot of respect for both those guys, but yeah sometimes shit just don’t work out. Doesn’t change my love for skating, sponsor or no sponsor I’m gonna keep on skating regardless and I have been since.

That new video part was pretty amazing, I really liked the fakie flip backside overcrooks. Any new projects in the works?

Thanks! I’m super stoked that alot of people were really hyped on it, I got a lot of good feedback from which makes me pretty hyped to keep it going ya know. At the moment I don’t really have any specific projects in the works, I’m just going out and skating and filming as usual so when something does come up I should be doing alright with footage and stuff.


Any good stories from staying at Tony Taves place?

Man so much shit went down at that house, that house was straight up party zone! That’s what happens though when ya have a heap of skaters crashing there for months on end I guess. It was all good times there for sure. But yeah all that partying and stuff pays a toll on the neighbors after a while. One night we had some big ass party that got pretty wild as usual, but yeah anyways the next day when i was still asleep in bed hungover i just hear all this yelling and banging and smashing noises out the front, I was too hungover to give a shit when that was happening, I don’t think anyone got up. Anyways at the time we had this big metal bin thing that you hire to throw shit in when ya cleaning out ya house, and obviously majority of our one was full of beer bottles and trash. So when i wake up i go to the front door and open it and pretty much majority of what was in that bin was smashed and thrown at the front door and all over the front stairs, pretty much the whole front of the house was trash and broken beer bottles everywhere, it was quiet the sight I’m sure for onlookers as It was such a nice neighborhood. So yeah i guess The next door neighbor had finally had enough and lost the plot, he even put some tampon the some nasty chick through in their yard I guess our door handle. At the time I was like fuck that dude!! But now when i look back on it I completely understand his frustrations.. we didn’t belong there that’s for sure.

Where’s better to skate in your opinion, California or Australia?

Well I’d say for spots Cali, perfect ones! But the thing is most of the spots are so blown out it kinda sucks going to most of them. Out here in Aus we have tons of spots, tons of spots that aren’t blown out and destroyed, so in that way I’d say Aus is sicker, makes it alot easier if your get shit done.

Favorite places to travel in general?

China for spots, cheap everything and massages. Spain too for skating and the vibe, Cali for skating, homies, babes and goodtimes. Honestly though I’m down to go anywhere, every place has it’s own thing going on.


What’s your take on internet parts compared to full length videos?

I’ve been asked that a heap of times and I always say it has good and bad. Internet parts are great and all but It seems like they are forgotten about a week later. There’s so much coming out every day that it’s just so oversaturated now, and people don’t really appreciate it no where near as much anymore. The days when i was growing up was the best, having the anticipation for the next big video to come out, and when you get it you have that shit on repeat everyday before you went skating. It’s not really like that anymore. I miss that!

Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?

There’s many of fine celebrity beauties out there.. I’d say Jessica Alba is one that definitely floats my boat though.