Watch Dreamy Oahu Short, ‘The Aloha State’

They say life in Hawaii is best lived outdoors.

To test the theory, we headed to the North Shore of Oahu and spent an entire week immersed in pure hedonism. We surfed, skated, ate, and drank with a solid crew of locals and foreigners alike (Andrew Brophy, Benny Fairfax, Evan Mock, Mason Ho, and Raven Tershy) and told filmmaker Roman Koval to leave his cases of camera gear at home—we were going for a more ‘streamlined approach’. The result? Short film The Aloha State, shot solely with a GoPro HERO6 and accompanying accessories. Press play above to taste the fruits of the golden mile, and get the limited edition The Aloha State zine by purchasing Issue 58 of Monster Children right here.

Get your hands on a GoPro Hero6 right here.

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