People: Dhani Harrison

It’s a strange thing, meeting the son of an icon, but it’s not a rarity in L.A. because the town’s littered with them. Dhani Harrison however, is a prolific musician in his own right. He’s somewhat of an enigma, no doubt a result of growing up in the spotlight and being constantly peppered with requests, most concerning his perpetually famous father. Our interest in Dhani came as a result of his chance friendship with our lovely guest editor. The longtime pals like to spend their time together charging crystals, night swimming, drinking organic beer brewed by monks, playing music, and exploring the existential. When it came to the subject of features for Steph’s mag, Dhani was an obvious inclusion. We pulled up to his “studio” in Santa Monica expecting it to be small and dark and wondering if there was going to be ample light to shoot photos. We opened the door to a full-blown office building with three separate offices two recording studios, a communal area with generous cubicle space, and more trinkets than you could thrust a Grammy at. Among his many musical ventures, Dhani also runs Hot Records (Henley on Thames—Dhani’s birthplace), and Dark Horse Records, a label that his dad founded. The Santa Monica office serves as the universal HQ.

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