Here’s a Razor Sharp Release from Bay Area Duo, EYE-O

Music streaming services are great.

We love them. But we also love the feeling of a brand new vinyl sitting pretty in our hands, featuring equal parts good music and design. And that’s where friend of MC and the incredibly talented Eugene Whang comes in. Not only is he an industrial designer at Apple (fancy), somehow in his spare time he’s created his own record label, Public Release, and has been sprinkling aural cosmic dust into the atmosphere ever since its creation.

For example, this latest release from EYE O, a musical duo that sees the convergence of a few Bay Area stalwarts—Kevin Woodruff, formerly of Tussle, and Jason Schwartz. Their 50 minute LP Deux O & Debut is also their very first studio recording available for you to purchase, and if you’re wondering what it sounds like, we’ll have you know that it’s a, “ weaving journey through a pastiche of styles” with “razor-sharp dance-punk guitars that stretch out and dissolve into dubby post-rock atmospherics.”

And you can rest assured the actual hardware that carries these other-worldly tunes is as good as they come. Public Release are all over every aspect of their vinyl production, making sure to keep the manufacturing process both local and top quality, with vinyl lacquers cut in Berkley and pressed in Southern California. So, if you like razor sharp music on buttery smooth vinyl and spinning tunes until the small hours, look no further.

Deux O & Debut will be available mid October, stay tuned.

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