Nick Green and the Fruits of Not Sitting at a Desk

Dion Agius, just cruising on a small day in Tassie. (Photos and captions by Nick Green)

Nick Green’s one of those guys who’s had a think about this whole thing, picked a direction, and backed himself.

If you’re a young creative in Australia then you basically have two choices: lock yourself into a full-time gig in the city which ultimately involves sitting at a desk with a secure(ish) income, or, hit the road, live hand to mouth and soak all that this great sunburnt continent has to offer. Nick’s chosen the latter, and boy, he sure looks like he’s been having a blast. We got Nick to take us through some of his favourite shots from the last few trips. A little surf, a little travel, one hell of a lifestyle.

We wandered through this labyrinth of death, late one rainy evening in Sri Lanka: the local meat market.
Free all day parking…
My first overseas trip was to the states; I’d like to go back. Golden Gate shot from Alcatraz.
Supply and demand in the middle of the Kimberly—the ice creams were $7.
Shipsterns Bluff has done a lot for a lot of people over the last decade, and most of them have Stu Gibson to thank. He’s been documenting the wave in all its glory for years now. Growing up he was a real idol in the water, so it’s always nice to share the shooting gallery with him.
I like Silhouettes, but I also like Benn Richardson. This is him at a secret spot on the east coast of TAS.
This place probably doesn’t look this good 90% of the time—getting lucky last winter at home.

Nick’s just given his website a fresh lick of paint, so if you’re in the market for a little daydreaming then we’d suggest heading here.

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