Deepest Creatures, by Evan Klar

Here’s a beautiful film clip to accompany a beautiful song.

As part of a delightful bundle, the latest song from Melbourne-based artist Evan Klar ‘Deepest Creatures’, comes with an accompanying film clip by Riley Blakeway. Filmed in New Zealand, the clip’s a perfect blend of storytelling and capitalising on the natural beauty that our cousins across the ditch have at their disposal. Riley explains that the choice in location reflected the feeling that he got when he first listened to the song, that of wide open spaces and putting reality on hold for a while.

“When I first heard the track, I immediately felt a sense of escapism,” he says. “The idea took off from there and once I knew that shooting in New Zealand was a possibility, I started developing the story with that in mind. I was drawn to the idea of a young girl escaping from an oppressive all-male household and going on somewhat of a surrealist adventure. NZ made this possible. The landscape is incredible there, even when only an hour or two outside of the city. I pitched the idea to Evan and he was on board, so we spent two weeks in NZ working on the film with the team at Robber’s Dog. Stoked on how it all came together.”

Evan explains that the song was originally more simplistic in nature, but that he felt the way that the film turned out slotted in perfectly with the sentiment behind the what he had written. “My favourite books growing up were The Big Jump and Where the Wild Things Are,” Evan explains, “they are the stories that stuck with me. With Deepest Creatures I tried to find that same warming confidence I found when I read those books. With the video, Riley found his own story which, when I initially read his treatment, felt incredible. He took a short film approach and delivered something honest and powerful. Deepest Creatures is a simple song about imagination, growing up and escaping. I think Riley discovered that perfectly.”

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