OUR CITY by Exploredinary

Our City is the filmic documentation of a Los Angeles photo show by some of our favourite photographers.

Produced by socially-active documentary-making media house Exploredinary, the film charts the wanderings of the photographers who contributed to the show at the end of last month whilst they were collecting the images that featured. The show was centred around the comings and goings of one of the most photogenic cities going, LA.

The show was put on by Jason Lee’s project Film Photographic, and as well as taking part in the show and the film, he also acted as producer on the film, working closely with Sarah Reyes and Daniel Driensky, the brains behind Exploredinary.

“It was an honour to have such an amazing film made to accompany the OUR CITY group photo show in July,” Jason told us. “Filmmakers Daniel Driensky and Sarah Reyes of Exploredinary made something incredibly unique. What was intended to be a short piece to compliment the exhibition turned out to be what feels like a well-crafted documentary very much worthy of its own attention.”

Images from the opening night courtesy of exploredinary.com

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