We Interrupt your Regularly Scheduled Program

Photos by Chris Searl

The Corona Open J-Bay’s been an interesting spectacle thus far, and the Highline heat was no exception.

The concept was to slow things down a little, and force a selection of the world’s best to draw fresh lines on “alternative” equipment. In this case on custom made twin fins. Connor Coffin, Jordy Smith, Matt Wilkinson, and Seabass were the gents who put their hands up, and it sure made for an interesting experiment. While they all had their moments (most notably a few of the turns that Connor and Jordy managed to pull off) one thing that became clear was that riding a twin fin is obviously not second nature to these guys like you might expect. They all look a little clunky, and whoever told the gang that cheater fives on twinnies are a thing was clearly pulling their legs. Still, it was a captivating spectacle, and if nothing else, it’ll make you appreciate how damn good a surfer one David Rastovitch is.

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