Herschel Release Their First Ever Apparel Line

I have a certain aversion to things that are too useful—I think they’re nerdy.

Practicality conjures up images of toe hiking shoes, those water-in-a-tube-in-a-backpack things, and bum bags (fanny packs if you’re rude). The exception to the rule is Herschel, the ever useful and stylish brand whose backpacks I’ve proudly slung since forever. So when I heard they were taking their first giant leap into the apparel side of things, I was pleased.

The just-released men’s and women’s outerwear range comes in more style and colours than I can cope with, and are lightweight and easily packable. In fact, there’s a storage pocket on the neckline that you can squish the whole thing inside of. Ladies and gentleman, get your mitts on a snap button coach, poncho, hooded wind and anorak, or all of the above. When the wet weather comes callin’, bin the umbrella and get yourself some Herschel instead.

Shop the new range right here.

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