After a bit of Sexy Time?

It’s rare we come across goodies that we love so much we feel the need to pass it on.

But these little nice smelly squirt perfume body spray spritzers have gotten a unanimous stamp of approval in the office, so here’s what you want to know about your next purchase from Craft Mafia Salon du Apothecary. Coming in four different sprays, you can choose between ‘Calm the F*#k Down’, ‘No F*#ks Left to Give’, ‘Off the Wagon’ and ’Sexy Time’. We were trying to figure out exactly how to say just how good these smell, until we read the side of the packaging and realised we couldn’t put it any better ourselves: “A few little squirts of these all over your sexy body will help you stop beating yourself up and start beating yourself off.” Amen.

The packaging features limited edition art from Aus art legends Paul McNeil and Nathaniel Russell, and they’re a way better idea for a present than that snore-fest vanilla candle that was as forgettable as the past five years worth of candles you’ve gotten. The Aus based company are also donating a percentage of profits to the Preemptive Love Coalition, further proving their point that, “They’ve got no fucks to give about forecasting, high-level strategy, NASDAQ, shareholders nor the dollar slumping.”

Get your hands on one bottle or the entire lot right here, or follow them on Instagram @craftmafiahq

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