Elton John Finally Made a Video for Tiny Dancer

Looking for an excuse to weep wildly and unapologetically at your desk while listening to ‘Tiny Dancer’?

Stop looking. You don’t need an excuse. It’s one of the best songs ever written, and you have permission to drain your ducts to it at full volume any time you damn well feel like it. But if you are looking for another reason to blast it right this very second, here you go. Back in 1971, when Elton first released the instant classic he co-wrote with longtime collaborator, Bernie Taupin, he never made a music video to accompany it. 46 years later, he has. And it’s almost as good as the song.

Directed by Max Weiland, the stunning video shows LA from the most common perspective of its inhabitants—their cars. Like the song, it’s a rollercoaster of just about every emotion on the human spectrum, and if you’ve spent any time in the beautiful beast that is Los Angeles, prepare to miss it. Somehow, he’s even made the gas station look romantic. Can’t say the same for Marilyn Manson, though, who for reasons likely forever unknown, cameos in the clip.

Arguably the most beautiful love letter to LA ever written. Hold me closer, Tony Danzer.

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