There’s Never a Bad Time for a Frozen Daiquiri

Despite best-laid plans, things can blow up in your face.

Video: Sam Brumby / Photos: Lincoln James Jubb

Sometimes, literally. Take, for example, our decision to hand the booze reins for the most recent magazine over to good friend, local legend and cocktail extraordinaire, Jake Smyth. We had him locked in to create the fun, fruity, and fucking delicious poolside drink known also as a daiquiri. We then heard, via email correspondence, that he’d experienced an “unfortunate facial burn” courtesy of a deep fryer and could not be photographed with the aforementioned cocktail as, “… it looks like I’ve been hitting the meth pipe pretty fucking hard.”

Lucky for us, we postponed the shoot, Jake’s face healed, and we convinced him that making a frozen daiquiri in a pool in the middle of winter was a genius idea (Jake’s idea, for the record). So watch Jake freeze his balls off as he creates this insanely delicious elixir, which makes the drinker feel as if they’re at Copacabana beach (Brazil, not NSW’s central coast) and not getting hypothermia in an unheated Sydney pool. Magical.


How to make a frozen daiquiri:

  1. Pour two parts white rum (60mL) into your Ninja blender cup. Use the good stuff, not the cheap stuff you bastard.
  2.  Add one part lime juice (30 mL), make sure it’s freshly squeezed on the day; none of that funky juice bottle shit.
  3. Add 15 mL of sugar syrup, and a generous amount of ice.
  4. Blend like a motherfucker, preferably not next to a large body of water like Jake.
  5. Pour into a pineapple. If you don’t have said pineapple, you may also drink it out of a cup.
  6. Continue drinking until feeling as fruity as your daiquiri.

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