Love and Hate, with Skin Phillips

Skin Phillips is our kind of Team Manager.

The Welshman’s an iconic skate photographer, the former editor-in-chief of Transworld SKATEboarding, and current North American adidas Skateboarding Team Manager. We joined Skin the day of the demo in Shanghai in the hotel lobby for a beer with other Adidas staff and photographers and waited for the team to exit the lift. We got talking to Skin about the ups and downs of team management and he talked with such passion and comedy that we couldn’t resist putting him in front of the camera for an episode of Hate, traditionally 10-things, Skin gave us five things he loves and five things that really give him the shits, on and off the road.

Stay tuned for more of the adidas Skate team in Shanghai, coming soon.

Now listen here boyo…
The one and only.

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