HUF Japan

Photos by Brian Kelley

Everything is big in Japan right?

In honor of the grand opening of the HUF Nagoya store we sent Austyn Gillette, Brad Cromer, Josh Matthews, Dick Rizzo, Matt Gottwig, and Jake Anderson. We had a great time in Osaka and Nagoya skateboarding but it wasn’t until Tokyo where the boys discovered their first taste of Japanese Taco Bell. It had some similarities to the version we know back home but draft beer and french fries were a favorable addition. As our tour guide translated the words “steak doubledilla” it dawned on me that we were actually with a Taco Bell celebrity. One of our videographers, Brandon Kuzma starred in a viral video called “N64 Kid”. This video has brought him several licensing/acting deals including the recent Taco Bell commercial for the “steak doubledilla”. We mentioned it to the employees in a humorous manner which in return reduced a room full of school girls to tears. The word was out and the panic began. It was Beatles Mania all over again… something had to be done. Gottwig with his razor sharp wit came in to save the day. He began to chant “Taco Bell! Taco Bell! Taco Bell!” After the pictures and autographs, we handed out all the “crunchy tacos” we could and were off to safety. The following morning Trump was elected president, and Jake bought a one-way ticket to Canada. We miss you Jake!

Not quite a wall, not quite a bank. Austyn over and in.
There are no friends in business. Gottwig & Jake.
Former skateboarder turned filmmaker. Mr Gillette, behind the lens.
We spent a day at this plaza… somebody had to ollie it. Jake Anderson, Osaka.
Rice, Ramen, Rizzo.
Jetlagged Josh Matthews Kirin Kickflip.
Gottwig frontside kickflip in front of a makeshift village.
Jake hates onions but loves Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Never mind the tallest free-standing broadcasting tower in the world. Dick Rizzo Monumental Switch Wallie.
Dylan forever.

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