John John Florence; Far from One-Dimensional

JJF’s a hard surfer to hate.

His surfing’s un-critiqueable, and apart from that, he just seems like a lovely, down to earth kid with a wide range of interests. Growing up on the North Shore of Oahu, there’s not a whole heap of things that’ll keep you occupied when there’s no surf, which is like, 6 months of the year. Not that John spends much of the offseason at Pipe anymore, but the seeds for his wider interests were obviously sewed in his younger years. As John grows older it’ll be interesting to see which way he goes. Will he win 12 world titles? Probably not. Will he sail around the world? Possibly. Will he redefine what we think is possible on a surfboard in waves of all shapes and sizes? Already has, but we’ve got a feeling that he’s just getting started. Food for thought.

Get a whiff of John’s signature Nixon gear here.

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