Kelsey Brookes – Position

Kelsey Brookes is one of those characters who’s long been floating around our ether but we’ve never quite pinned down. 

A microbiologist-turned-artist, Kelsey’s been a part of the RVCA art vein since quitting his “job in the lab” nearly 10 years ago. Seeing as Kelsey’s just released a range with the VA, and is on the brink of a major show at the Library Street Collective in Detroit, we figured that we might try and get to the bottom of what the artist Kelsey Brookes is all about.

Monster Children visited Kelsey at his studio in Southern California as he prepped for the solo show that’s opening in Detroit this week, to check in on his new collection with RVCA, and tenure with the Artist Network Program. When asked about his inspiration and what his new collection, “Position” represents, Brookes’ responded noting all the beautiful intricacies our world has to offer and finished explaining his process, adding that his work is “just about celebrating that we’re all alive”. Can’t say fairer than that.

As we’ve mentioned before, RVCA do the artist collab rather well, and Kelsey’s fresh drop is no exception. Tripped out colourful patterns lend themselves rather well to boardshorts in particular, and the tee graphics are a fine way to flee the plain tee doldrums. If you’re in need of some fresh threads then head here.

Kelsey Brookes’ exhibition will be opening April 27th – 10th June, head here for details.

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