Chippa Wilson Knows the Value of Good Rubber

Two mil short arms are the kings of the wetsuit realm. 

Hands down, no doubt, done. They’re that little bit stretchier thanks to shedding a little rubber, and having the arms free feels liberating and makes you look like you surf just that little bit better than you do. Strange, but true. Think about it: Who but a dude that takes the whole surfing caper seriously invests in a wetsuit that bridges the gap between the boardshorts and the 3/2? Whilst the rest of the dooleys are feeling a borderline uncomfortable chill in trunks or overzealously sweating in a 3/2, you’re whizzing through the air like Chip here without a care in the world. Also, seeing as the kind folks at Adelio gifted us a couple of their 2 mil super suits, we can personally attest to how comfortable these things are. I’m literally looking forward to wearing mine this weekend, sounds weird, but it’s true.

Photo by Dean James.

You should probably get one, here.

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