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A Different Side of Fiji, in Rob Gray’s ‘Sere’

There’s more to Fiji than what you’ll find in a resort brochure. 

Photographer Rob Gray travelled across the Fijian island of Taveuni for his stunning body of work Sere, on show next week as part of Head On Photo Festival currently being held in different locations around Sydney. Monster Children HQ is lucky enough to be hosting Rob’s exhibition, which captures moments of daily life, as well as places of worship and natural wonder across this small island in the Pacific. The title of the work comes from the Fijian word ‘sere’, meaning both to untie and to sing. Rob explores the poetic connection between the two, suggesting that songs are bound within the body, ready for release. Similarly then, the photographs themselves lie in wait—all they need is to be found.

Opening night Thursday 18th May 6-9pm at MC06 6 Australia St, Camperdown, Sydney. Exhibition runs until the 21st May.

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