Nixon’s ‘The Mission’ Just Got Even Better

We’re sure that by now, you already know how good The Mission watch by Nixon is.

In case you forgot, it’s shockproof with a stainless steel case,  is sturdy enough to withstand depths of up to 100m, lets you track live ocean and mountain conditions, and get notifications for perfect conditions at your favourite spots…so yeah, pretty damn nice.

But Nixon have decided to one up themselves. They’ve just introduced the Android Wear 2.0 update for The Mission, which sounds fancy as hell but what does it really mean? It means improved user interface, standalone apps, and enhancements to all the good stuff that the watch already did. So, you can now order an Uber, answer messages, play downloaded music, find out when the sun sets, seamlessly use Google Fit and have Google’s little personal assistant do things for you.

Amazing. What’s not amazing is that if you don’t own a Nixon smartwatch, this all means diddly squat to you as you won’t be able to enjoy the pleasures of all the aforementioned benefits.

You’d better just go and purchase yourself a Mission watch then, don’t you think? Check them out here.

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