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Tino Razo’s ‘Party in the Back’ is Coming to Melbourne

Party in the Back is a lyrical photo-eulogy for disappearing pool culture, bathed in the golden Southern Californian light, and it’s coming to Australia. 

Tino Razo first got hooked on pool skating when he made the cross-country move from east to west coast US, and found himself out of place. To keep his spirits up, he decided to dedicate himself to his first love—skating. After being introduced by some friends to pool skating, he began taking his camera along to document the sessions taking place.

The result was an epic body of work which we’ve chatted to him at length about in our 2016 Photo Annual magazine. Finding pools both by word of mouth and satellite imagery, it became an obsession of sorts to find and photograph each one. It also meant that every single photograph had a backstory to it, whether it was stumbling upon on a house that was once owned by an original member of the Black Panthers and having a gun pulled on his friend, or just coming across insanely picturesque, abandoned pools in the middle of nowhere.

The collection that makes up Party in the Back is being shown in Australia for the very first time, and for all those living in Melbourne you’d be wise to take our advice and get down to RVCA’s Corner Gallery in Collingwood to capture these photographs that represent so much more than just skating. Tino has also released the photographs in a book (which you can get a sneak peek of here) with Anthology Editions, with all images which will be available to purchase alongside limited prints across the duration of the exhibition.

RVCA Corner Gallery, 82 Stanley St Collingwood, VIC

Opening night: April 21st 6-8PM

Exhibition: April 21st – May 14th

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