These New South Whales Are Back With a New Single

Listen to These New South Whales’ new single We Don’t Need You Anymore.

You saw right, the new track from punk underdogs These New South Whales is only 1:51 long. But as the saying goes, length doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality, which we can assure you is the case here. A little gem taken from their forthcoming LP, We Don’t Need You Anymore is an angsty punk track recorded in a WII bunker in Camden. The track (which you can listen to above) was illustrated and edited by the talented Carla Uriarte.

Consistency is key, which is why we’re glad to see the boys are still yet to bin the nipple tape, though they’re surely red raw by now. It’s also heartwarming to see that no matter how much fame a band attains, they’re still true to what really matters—each other. This is evident when lead vocalist, Jamie Timony aka The Workhorse, said of the new track/band relations, “Will (bass) quit the band one day so the rest of us got together and wrote a song called We Don’t Need You Anymore. It sounded rubbish without bass though so we asked if he would come back and he did. We told him it’s a song about the government but it’s not. It’s about him.”

There you have it. And if you’re yet to experience the floor-humping delight that is These New South Whales’ mockumentary series, below you can experience your first foray into their twisted little world.

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